Glasgow University - Snow

EuroSys 2008

Glasgow, Scotland
31st March - 4th April 2008
Glasgow University - Medical School


Assistance in booking your hotel is provided by our Conference and Visitors Services Office. The Conference and Visitors Services Office has also prepared a list of hotels which provide preferential rates for EuroSys participants. If you complete the hotel enquiry form linked from that page, please indicate EuroSys2008 in the Reference code field.

Below is a map of hotels in the West End of Glasgow, near the location of the Conference (shown in yellow).

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This map shows the wider Glasgow area. The blue line shows Glasgow's Subway line, a convenient way of getting round Glasgow. We will be providing a travel card to every registered EuroSys 2008 participant with their registration package, which will provide free public transport (including the Subway) throughout the week of the conference.

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