Glasgow University - Snow

EuroSys 2008

Glasgow, Scotland
31st March - 4th April 2008
Glasgow University - Medical School

Poster Session

The following posters were presented at EuroSys 2008:

Byzantine 2f +1 State Machine Replication with COTS Components


Giuliana Veronese, Miguel Correia and Lau Lung

Challenges for Intrusion Detection in Community Wireless Mesh Networks


Dwight Makaroff, Sara Bury, Paul Smith, Nicholas J.P. Race and David Hutchison

DDB: Deadlock Debugger


Cristian Zamfir and George Candea

Hades – Managing storage in caching proxies for distributed filesystems


Lamprini Konsta and Stergios Anastasiadis

MOOSE: addressing the scalability of Ethernet


Malcolm Scott and Jon Crowcroft

Okeanos - Reliable archival storage for heterogeneous stream data


Andromachi Hatzieleftheriou and Stergios Anastasiadis

Traffic Aware Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


Junaid Ansari, Xi Zhang and Petri Mähönen

Reference-Driven Performance Anomaly Analysis for System Software


Kai Shen, Christopher Stewart, Chuanpeng Li and Xin Li

Software Infrastructure for Future Many-Core Embedded Systems


Yuki Kinebuchi, Wataru Kanda, Yu Yumura and Tatsuo Nakajima

SpecVirt - Adaptive Speculations in a JVM


Mathias Payer

Towards Managed Evolution of SDR Systems


Albert Noll

UPHOS: Utilizing Programmable Hardware in Operating Systems


Michael Engel, Horst Schirmeier, Jochen Streicher and Olaf Spinczyk

Call for posters

The original call for posters is still available here.