The Eighth International Workshop on Database Programming Languages

Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland
September 1st - 3rd, 1999
(just before VLDB99 in Edinburgh)

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The Programme information now includes links to .ps or .pdf texts of the pre-print papers.

The final proceedings will be published by Springer, final copy due around end October.


The reception on Tuesday 31st August will be in the Department of Computing Science, from around 5.30pm until 7pm.  There will be things to eat to stave off hunger, but not enough if you're really hungry - however there are plenty of good restaurants in the area.  We can organise transport from there to the accommodation so don't worry if you arrive with luggage.  Feel free to arrive at any time during the day; there will be direction signs from the door at 17 Lilybank Gardens.

The easiest way to get to the University from the airport is by taxi - it's not expensive and much easier than other transport.

The return train from Rannoch Station at 11.13 no longer exists; there is either 8am or 1pm.  The later train arrives in Glasgow at 1607; if you need to be there before that there will be space on the earlier train.  Alternatively, it will be possible for a few people to arrange lifts by road to other points on the rail network.

The best way to travel onwards to VLDB is by train from Glasgow.  Glasgow and Edinburgh  are connected by an excellent service, which runs every half hour and takes around fifty minutes.  You don't need to book.

For other rail travel within the UK, check the Railtrack on-line information.

I will attempt to provide a video beamer, a computer and a printer at the workshop.  However, do not rely on this - bring acetate!

To enquire about bookings at Kinloch Rannoch before and after the workshop, please contact the hotel directly on +44 1882 632201, fax +44 1882 632203.

Partners/families etc. are of course welcome.  Unfortunately the custom in the UK is to charge per person, rather than per room, and so the per-person rate does not drop significantly.  (Add 195 UK pounds to registration fee for a partner sharing a room for three nights.)

If you intend to arrive at Rannoch Station, other than on the "workshop" train, please be aware that it is a 20-mile walk to the hotel, and there
is no public transport!  (For anyone who has seen the movie "Trainspotting", Rannoch is the rural station featured...)  We can probably organise to pick you up if we have sufficient notice.

The address of the University accommodation organised for 31/8 is:
Kelvinhaugh Gate, 115 Kelvinhaugh Street, Glasgow G3 8PY
Tel  +44 141 221 6124

Other value accommodation in Glasgow:

Iona Guest House : +44 141 334 2346
Chez Nous: +44 141 334 2977
Continental: +44 141 339 0563

I can't vouch for these personally, but they're all on the University's list so should be OK.  They're all in the West End of Glasgow, close to the University, and as such will be better/cheaper than more central equivalents.

For a classier hotel in the city centre, try the Copthorne Hotel, which is right at the Queen Street station and quite comfortable at (guess) about 100 pounds/night b&b.  The Grosvenor Hotel is close to the University and situated in a lovely terrace opposite the Botanic Gardens.

Copthorne: +44 141 332 6711
Grosvenor: +44 141 339 8811

The workshop will start with a reception, IN GLASGOW, on the evening of Tuesday 31st August.  The programme will start at lunchtime on Wednesday 1st September, which will entail leaving Glasgow early in the morning.  The final session will be on Friday afternoon, but you are strongly advised not to leave the hotel on that day.

The workshop fee includes accommodation for the nights of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the hotel.

It is highly recommended that international participants arrive in Glasgow on Tuesday, for whom further transport will be organised.  If you are making your own way to Kinloch Rannoch, please note that it is several hours' drive from either Glasgow or Edinburgh.  You are best advised to travel by rail, using the West Highland Line from Glasgow to Rannoch Station.

The estimated cost for the workshop will be £500, including accommodation for three nights.

Registration form

(Please fill in and email to richard@dcs.gla.ac.uk)

Name :             (as to appear on badge)
Institution :      (ditto)
T-shirt size :

Will attend reception on 31st? :
Will travel on workshop trains from/to Glasgow? :
(NB leaves Glasgow at 08:12 on 1st September, returns 08:37 or 11:13 on 4th;
journey time about 2.5 hours)
Which return train?:

Require accommodation for 31st August in Glasgow? :
(University accommodation, cheap and acceptable if not sumptuous)

Wish to share room at workshop?:
(a little cheaper; please state with whom you will share)

Would like lodge accommodation?:
(a little more expensive; please state with whom you will share)
(3/4 person lodges)

Any other relevant info (particularly diet etc.) :

Prices (in GBP - please do you own addition and conversion)
Basic fee: 500
(includes accommodation 1-3/9, all meals, banquet, excursion and workshop)
Sharing room: deduct 50
Lodge accommodation: add 80
Accommodation in Glasgow: add 30
Train tickets (return): add 25

(Sorry, we can't do a discount for not staying all three nights as we have a
block package from the hotel.)

Payment: please send an internationally valid cheque, drawn on any major
currency, to:

Elizabeth McFarlane
Department of Computing Science
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ

made out to University of Glasgow; please mention DBPL in a covering note.
Please contact Elizabeth (lizbeth@dcs.gla.ac.uk) for any queries about
payment method.

Workshop Programme

Wednesday September 1

 Morning: travel to Kinloch Rannoch. Lunch.


On the Power of Incremental Evaluation in SQL-like Languages
Leonid Libkin and Limsoon Wong

Optimization of Nested SQL Queries by Tableau Equivalence
Vasilis Aggelis and Stavros Cosmadakis

User Defined Aggregates in Database Languages
H. Wang and C. Zaniolo

15:30-16:00 - break


How to Make SQL Stand for String Query Language?
(This link will currently fail...)
Gosta Grahne and Emmanuel Waller

Recursive Structured Document Transformations
Sebastian Maneth and Frank Neven

Extensions of Attribute Grammars for Structured Document Queries
Frank Neven

Thursday September 2

 9:00-10:00 Invited talk: Luca Cardelli, "Semistructured Computation"


An Overview of Souk Nets: a Component-Based Paradigm for Data Source Integration
William McIver, Karin Keddara, Christian Och, Roger King, Clarence Ellis, John T
odd, Nate Getrich, Richard M. Osborne and Brian Temple

Defining and Handling Transient Fields in PJama
T. Printezis, M. P. Atkinson, and M. J. Jordan

A Framework for Optimising Distributed Workflow Executions
Guozhu Dong, Richard Hull, Bharat Kumar, Jianwen Su and Gang Zhou

Thursday afternoon:


Friday September 3

 9:00-10:00 Invited talk: Alon Levy, "Answering Queries Using Views:
                 Algorithms, Applications and Opportunities"


Querying Semistructured Data Based on Schema Matching
Andre Bergholz and Johann Christoph Freytag

Union Types for Semi-structured Data
Peter Buneman and Benjamin Pierce

Query Optimization for Semistructured Data Using Path Constraints in a Deterministic Data Model
Peter Buneman, Wenfei Fan and Scott Weinstein

12:00-14:00 - Lunch


Expressing Topological Connectivity of Spatial Databases
Florid Geerts and Bart Kuijpers

A Representation Independent Language for Planar Spatial Databases with Euclidean Distance
Gabriel Kuper and Jianwen Su

An Abstract Interpretation Framework for Termination Analysis of Active Rules
James Bailey and Alexandra Poulovassilis

15:30-16:00 - Break


On the Difference between Navigating Semi-structured Data and Querying it
Gosta Grahne and Laks Lakshmanan

Ozone - Integrating Semistructured and Structured Data
Tirthankar Lahiri, Serge Abiteboul and Jennifer Widom


Discussion: the future of the DBPL workshops.

Important Dates

NB: Submission "extension": as 1st April turns out to coincide with a number of important religious festivals, we will be sympathetic in granting extensions for around a week; if you are going to submit late, however, please do let us know in advance.
Submission of papers 1st April 1999
Notification of acceptance 28th June 1999
Registration deadline 1st August 1999
Workshop starts 1st September 1999
VLDB99 starts 7th September 1999
Topics of Interest

In keeping with the spirit of DBPL, we are interested in receiving papers on any topic related to the intersection between databases and programming languages, and in particular to the interaction between theory and practice in this area.  Major topics in previous workshops include spatial databases, type systems, query languages, views, expressive power, aggregate queries, cooperative work, and transactions.  However we do not restrict our interests to these topics, and papers on other related topics are welcome.  In particular, given the changing academic environment, this year we would expect to see more papers of interest related to the topics of semi-structured data and web information systems.

Programme Committee

Co-chairs: Richard Connor and Alberto Mendelzon

Luca Cardelli Microsoft Cambridge
Richard Connor University of Glasgow
Alan Dearle  University of Stirling
Stephane Grumbach  INRIA, Versailles
Laks Lakshmanan  Concordia University
Leonid Libkin  Bell Labs
Gianni Mecca  University of Basilicata
Alberto Mendelzon  University of Toronto
Fausto Rabitti CNUCE-CNR, Pisa
Peter Schwarz  IBM Almaden
Dan Suciu  AT&T
David Toman University of Waterloo

Submission Information

Submissions should take the form of extended abstracts, and should not exceed ten pages (given legible font and spacing.)  Papers should be submitted electronically, in PDF or PostScript, to the following address:


Remember electronic communication isn't 100% reliable; make sure you receive an acknowledgement!

The Location

Kinloch Rannoch is a beautiful location right in the heart of Scotland.  It overlooks Loch Rannoch, and is dominated by Schiehallion.  It is best accessed by the West Highland Line, a masterpiece of Victorian railway engineering, which takes around two hours from Glasgow.  Alternatively, it is about three hours by road from either Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Here is a map of the area surrounding the hotel.

A few images, courtesy of Richard Paul at RannochNet:

For local information about the area, and lots more images, try RannochNet (even rural Scotland has ISP cover these days!)


Registration will be by invitation only, mainly restricted to those who have submitted technical papers to the workshop and members of the programme committee.
More information will be available here nearer the time.


The proceedings will be published in book form.  In the past this has been with Morgan Kaufmann or Springer-Verlag, both in Workshops in Computing series and LNCS.  The last workshop was in LNCS (Volume 1369), and this is the most likely choice for this workshop also.

Other Information

For any information that is not available from these pages, please contact dbpl99@dcs.gla.ac.uk

Programme | Registration form | Dates | Topics | Programme Committee | Submission | Location | Miscellaneous