The NoFib benchmark suite

We are very keen to encourage the collection of a good suite of Haskell programs to use as benchmarks. We have made a start, by collecting the NoFib suite. It has three main collections of programs:

The NoFib suite and the ideas behind it is presented in more detail in the following paper:

We are very keen indeed to expand the range of the NoFib suite. If you have a Haskell application program, please send it to us (along with suitable test data) to include!

July 1997: You can get two variants of the NoFib programs from our FTP site; one is the old Haskell 1.2 programs (to match the GHC 0.29 release), the other is for Haskell-1.4 programs (matching the GHC-2.05 release).

Simon Peyton Jones,; 1997/07/31.