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Haggis is a graphical user interface framework for the functional language Haskell, running under the X Window system. It is currently being developed using the Glasgow Haskell Compiler with its concurrent extensions to achieve more comfortable interaction with the outside world.


Haggis features

Downloading Haggis

The current version of Haggis is 0.1c, and is available in both source and binary formats via anonymous ftp from:

Directory: pub/haskell/glasgow/
Filename: haggis-0.1c.tar.gz
For WWWers:

Or just click one of these (binary bundles to follow):


Literate documents showing some of the features of Haggis:
[more to come]


The Haggis distribution contains documentation describing the system, here is the `online' version of it:

Papers and stuff

Reporting bugs and problems

If you should come across bugs installing or using Haggis, please send a detailed as possible description of the problem (plus details on window system environment and compiler setup) to

A list of known bugs and problems can be found here.

Version History

A version history for Haggis hides here.


Sigbjorn Finne,
Department of Computing Science,
University of Glasgow,
Glasgow G12 8QQ,

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