Functional Programming
at Glasgow
[theory meets practice]

Glasgow Functional Programming Workshops

Each year we hold a small workshop somewhere in Scotland. The purpose of these workshops is to promote functional programming research at Glasgow by providing a forum in which new ideas can be discussed in a friendly, informal environment. The workshops are attended by invitees from other universities and commercial organisations as well as by the Glasgow functional programmers. The proceedings of the workshops are revised, refereed and published.

Previous Glasgow FP Workshops

All but the 1988 and the 1996 workshops have been published in the Springer-Verlag Workshops in Computing Series. The 1988 was available as a Glasgow tech-report, but is currently out of print. The 1996 workshop proceedings are published electronically, and as a tech-report. Here is a list of the workshops.
1988 Rothesay, Isle of Bute.
1989 Fraserburgh, Aberdeen.
1990 Ullapool, Wester Ross.
1991 Portree, Isle of Skye.
1992 Ayr, Ayrshire.
1993 Ayr, Ayrshire.
1994 Ayr, Ayrshire.
1995 Ullapool, Wester Ross.
1996 Ullapool, Wester Ross.
1997 Ullapool, Wester Ross.

The Next Glasgow FP Workshop

The 1998 Glasgow Functional Programming Group Workshop will take place at Bonskeid House, Pitlochry, Mon-Weds 21-23 September 1998.

Edinburgh-Glasgow Workshops

The Functional Programming Group has also collaborated with Edinburgh in holding joint Edinburgh-Glasgow Computer Science Workshops.

Scottish Functional Parallel Interest Group (SCOFPIG)

SCOFPIG is a functional parallel programming interest group, which includes members from several Scottish Universities. Membership is open, and informal meetings are expected to be held two or three times a year.

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