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Computing Science
Degrees: BSc, MSci

computing glasgowComputing science involves the study of elements of design, psychology, engineering and mathematics, set in the context of programming and its applications. The programme combines practical skills with fundamental concepts and knowledge.
Our courses are designed to help you gain skills such as understanding the requirements of users, creatively and carefully translating them into a programming language and checking to see that the programs work safely, reliably and as intended.
You will also study ways in which these principles can be applied, for example in databases, telecommunications, networks, graphics, information retrieval and human computer interaction.
You will begin programming from the point of view of practical problem-solving, fundamental to good program design. Every-day problems are broken down in stages until a solution can be constructed in the form of a program.
The courses we offer can change from year to year, but it may help you to know what is being offered at the moment.

Software Engineering
Degrees: BSc, MSci

Software Engineering is a major theme in computing science and involves the specification, design, construction and verification of large software systems. This degree programme is designed for computing science students who wish to pursue careers as professional software engineers in industry and commerce.
You will learn how to:
• engineer software to ensure that it is fit for purpose
• design and write software that is maintainable, so that other people can work with it, make changes to it in the future, and integrate it into much larger systems.

Mobile Software Engineering
Degrees: BSc

This degree programme is designed for computing science students who wish to specialise in the development of software systems for mobile, embedded platforms such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants or portable entertainment systems, such as iPods.

Graduates from this degree programme will find challenging opportunities to work in both large companies in the telecommunications area and small start-up companies developing innovative products. The effects of software running on mobile devices are having an impact on all areas of life. An understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities of mobile device development is important not just for manufacturers, but for software service companies, advertisers, government and education.

Electronic & Software Engineering
Degrees: BEng, MEng, BSc

This programme combines the study of both hardware and software and is taught jointly by the Departments of Computing Science and Electronics & Electrical Engineering. It will give you a deep understanding of the knowledge required to lead the teams that will design and build the computerised systems of the future.

A faster route to a degree in science and engineering

In addition to the extensive range of degree programmes listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus, the University also offers some science and engineering degrees as faster route programmes.

Who are these degrees for?

These degrees may be of interest if you
• are highly qualified at A-Level or Advanced Higher level in subjects
relevant to your proposed degree
• are keen to pursue a science or engineering degree with maximum
concentration on your chosen area of study
• wish to complete your degree faster than the normal timeframe.
You may also find this faster route particularly attractive if you are keen to study for a postgraduate qualification after your undergraduate degree.

How is the faster route different?

Our Honours degrees usually take four years and our Masters degrees usually involve five years’ study. The faster route means that you can take an Honours degree in science subjects in three years, rather than the usual four years; and a Masters degree in science or engineering subjects in four years, rather than the usual five years.

What are the degrees?

The degrees awarded are
• Bachelor of Science with Honours – BSc (Hons) – involving three years’ study
• Master in Science – MSci – involving four years’ study
• Master of Engineering – MEng – involving four years’ study.

How do I decide if this is for me?

These degree programmes give you the opportunity to focus on subjects which you already excel in and which you know for definite that you want to study further.

If however you are unsure of the subjects you wish to study at this stage or wish to benefit from the Scottish system of being able to study a wider range of subjects in your first two years, then we suggest that you consider our extensive range of degree programmes listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus.