Human-Centred Security Research:
Improving the Boundary Where Humans and Security

We are focused on human-centred security including privacy and all aspects where the human and security meet and interact. We are part of the Glasgow Interactive Systems Group and the broader Cyber Security Cluster across the University of Glasgow.

We meet periodically, when we have someone with a burning issue to discuss, or when we have a visitor, or when we just want to discuss our favourite topics.

The group is led by Karen Renaud, with help from Rosanne English and Joseph Maguire.

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Special Announcements

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Human-Centred Cyber Security (Deadline: 15 July 2016)

Group Members

Karen Renaud


Joseph Maguire

Research Associate

Rosanne English

Research Associate

Nora Alkaldi

Research Student

Noura Aleisa

Research Student

Wendy Goucher

Research Student

Soumyadeb Chowdhury

Singapore Institute of Technology