Current Funded Research Projects

  1. MoreGrasp – EC Horizon2020 project 2015-2018
  2. Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum imaging
  3. Two Bang & Olufsen Ph.D. studentships.
  4. Two Nokia Ph.D. studentships.
  5. CoSound Project, Danish Strategic Research Council, 2012-2015
  6. Various commercially funded projects.

Completed funded projects

  1. European Network of Excellence called Social Signal Processing Network (SSPNet), coordinated by Alessandro Vinciarelli, together with with Maja Pantic (Imperial College). The network aims at establishing a European research community on modeling analysis and synthesis of social signals.
  2. PASCAL network member, EC-funded network in Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning.
  3. TOBI: Tools for Brain-Computer Interaction, EC-funded project. Roderick Murray-Smith (Glasgow PI), John Williamson, project coordinator:Prof. José del R. Millán, 2008-2013.
  4. Multimodal, Negotiated Interaction in Mobile Scenarios, EPSRC funded project (£638k), Roderick Murray-Smith (PI), with Matt Jones (Swansea), Stephen Brewster, 2007-2010.
  5. EC-COST action IC0601 on Sonic Interaction Design.
  6. Social Interaction: A Cognitive-Neurosciences Approach, ESRC funded project (£3.7 million) , Simon Garrod (PI), 2008-2012.
  7. GAIME: Gestural and Auditory Interactions for Mobile Environments, Stephen Brewster(PI), Roderick Murray-Smith and Andrew Crossan, EPSRC funded project. 2007-2010.
  8. A dynamic systems approach to Negotiated Interaction on mobile devices, (€164k), Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontier grant, Sept. 2006-08.
  9. OpenInterface. EC funded Research network. 2006-2009.
  10. Dynamics, Uncertainty and Interaction, (€66K) PASCAL Pump-priming project (EC-funded), 2005-2006, Roderick Murray-Smith & John Williamson, based in Glasgow, in collaboration with Fraunhofer FIRST, Berlin, and DTU, Denmark.
  11. Dynamics and Interaction in BCI and Music Spaces, (€68k), J. Williamson, R. Murray-Smith, funded within the PASCAL network 2005-2007.
  12. Intelligent Sound Project – supported by the Danish Technical Research Council, and led by Lars Kai Hansen.
  13. Nonparametric Methods for Curve Fitting and Prediction with Large Data-sets, EPSRC GR/T29253/01 (Jan. 2005—June 2007), Jian Qing Shi (PI), Mike Titterington & Roderick Murray-Smith as Collaborators.
  14. Body space: Feedback for Closed-loop control of Gesture input, €136K, based at the Hamilton Institute, collaborating with the Palpable Machines group at Media Lab Europe, started November 2003
  15. Continuous Gestural Interaction with Mobile devices (€77K), with Stephen Brewster and Doug Leith, based at the Hamilton Institute. Sept. 2003-Sept 2006.
  16. Audioclouds: Three-Dimensional Audio and Gestural Interfaces for Mobile and wearable Computers, Three year EPSRC funded research project (Principal Investigator Stephen Brewster), October 2002-2005. £237K, graded “Outstanding” by EPSRC.
  17. The Glasgow Computing Science Research Festival 2005-06, Muffy Calder and Simon Gay and Roderick Murray-Smith (£19K), EPSRC.
  18. MAC – Multi-Agent Control: Probabilistic reasoning, optimal co-ordination, stability analysis and controller design for intelligent hybrid systems. (€1.2M) A four year Research Training Network within the European Commission’s 5th Framework, April 2000-2004.
  19. Modern Statistical Approaches to off-equilibrium modelling for nonlinear system control. A three year EPSRC funded research project 2000-03, graded “tending to outstanding” by EPSRC reviewers.
  20. Early recognition of rollover in large lorries, Industrially funded project (joint work with K. Hunt in Mechanical Engineering as Principal Investigator)
  21. Portable Robotic Laboratories, EPSRC funded Public Understanding Award (Prof. Muffy Calder as Principal Investigator). See the legolab page for related information.
  22. Design of controllers based on pattern recognition (Fondecyt Project 700397), (Principal Investigator Daniel Sbarbaro-Hofer, Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
  23. Gesture-Based Interaction with Mobile Devices, (together with coinvestigator Stephen Brewster). Funded by SHEFC RDG85.

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