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29-Sep-2010 - Gary Macindoe

Royal Statistical Society interview with Mark Girolami regarding the Read Paper 'Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods' - [more details]

31-Aug-2010 - Gary Macindoe

The paper "Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods" by Mark Girolami and Ben Calderhead will be presented to the Royal Statistical Society at an Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 13 October 2010 - [more details]

4-Aug-2010 - Gary Macindoe

A paper by Maurizio Filippone "A survey of kernel and spectral methods for clustering" has been chosen to be the Best Paper published in 2008 in the journal Pattern Recognition. The Best Paper Award will be presented at ICPR 2010 in Istanbul. - [more details]

23-Jun-2010 - Gary Macindoe

"HexServer: An FFT-Based Protein Docking Server Powered By Graphics Processors" chosen as featured article in Nucleic Acids Research. - [more details]

23-Jun-2010 - Gary Macindoe

Lisa, Keith and Mark get another paper published in Nucleic Acids Research. - [more details]

24-Mar-2010 - Gary Macindoe

Bayesian Inference of Pathway Topologies paper makes cover of Science Signalling journal. - [more details]

24-Mar-2010 - Gary Macindoe

New BBSRC project to be funded under SysMo programme. - [more details]

12-Jan-2010 - Gary Macindoe

Lord Kelvin & Adam Smith Scholarship
The Inference group project "Bayesian modelling of transmission of Streptococcus agalactiae and its antimicrobial resistance determinants in networks of humans and animals" has received a Lord Kelvin & Adam Smith Scholarship. - [more details]

3-Dec-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Our next visitor (Jan 18th -20th, 2010) will be the distinguished John Skilling (Maximum Entropy Data Consultants Ltd., and formerly of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge).

He will be giving three seminars during his visit entitled: Foundations of Probabilistic Reasoning, Nested Sampling, and Metrics, Curvature, and Priors. Keep an eye on our Events page for further info.

John is Scientific Director of MEDC. He did his Ph.D. (on cosmic rays) in the Department of Physics at Cambridge University, and went on to become a Lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and a Fellow of St Johns College. In the late 1970s, another radio astronomer, Steve Gull, introduced him to the power of the Maximum Entropy Method. John wrote what was to become the first MemSys kernel system, and helped lay the Bayesian foundations for MEM. In 1981 he and Steve founded MEDC to exploit opportunities to apply MEM in other fields. - [more details]

3-Dec-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Infinite factorization of multiple non-parametric views by Simon Rogers , Arto Klami , Janne Sinkkonen, Mark Girolami and Samuel Kaski is now available from Springer Journal of Machine Learning.

Abstract: Combined analysis of multiple data sources has increasing application interest, in particular for distinguishing shared and source-specific aspects. We extend this rationale to the generative and non-parametric clustering setting by introducing a novel non-parametric hierarchical mixture model... - [more details]

12-Nov-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

SICSA Funding awarded for 2010 Summer School Statistical Inference in Computational Biology to be organised by Dr. Simon Rogers and Dr. Guido Sanguinetti (Edinburgh). Watch this space...

12-Nov-2009 - Dr. Lisa Hopcroft

Our novel microarray analysis method (developed by Keith Harris) and some subsequent bioinformatic analysis of congenic rat data (carried out by Lisa Hopcroft) will be presented by Martin McBride at the Rat Genomics and Models conference at Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories in December. - [more details]

12-Nov-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

A new postdoc, Dr Maurizio Filippone, is joining the Inference group in January! Maurizio previously worked in Sheffield with Dr Guido Sanguinetti. - [more details]

10-Nov-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Look out for a new book on Learning and Inference in Computational Systems Biology by Neil D. Lawrence, Mark Girolami, Magnus Rattray and Guido Sanguinetti. It's being published by MIT Press and is coming out in February! For all your Sys Bio ML needs! - [more details]

9-Nov-2009 - Gary Macindoe

Gary Macindoe has been awarded the HiBi09 best poster student award for his poster Accelerating High Dimensional Metropolis Hastings Sampling using nVidia CUDA. - [more details]

26-Oct-2009 - Dr. Vladislav Vyshemirsky

Do you have a problem with Snow Leopard counting email messages incorrectly? Are you annoyed to lose your push email support? See a solution I discovered and described here.

20-Oct-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Simon Rogers has published the paper entitled Infinite Factorization of Multiple Non-parametric Views with Mark Girolami and collaborators. The paper appears in the Journal of Machine Learning. - [more details]

5-Oct-2009 - Gary Macindoe

Theo has left the group to join Cornell University.

30-Sep-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Roberta Cretella has joined the Inference group! - [more details]

24-Aug-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

A paper entitled Semi-parametric analysis of multi-rater data by Simon Rogers, Mark Girolami, and Tamara Polajnar has just been published in the Springer international journal Stats and Computing. This is the Online preview version, the printed version will be featured with a discussion. - [more details]

30-Jul-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Dr. Simon Rogers is now a member of the PLoS ONE editorial board! - [more details]

20-Jul-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

The article "Gaussian Processes for Protein Interaction Detection within Sentences" by Tamara Polajnar, Simon Rogers, and Mark Girolami has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics. To appear sometime next year.

23-Jun-2009 - Dr. Theodoros Damoulas

Another Pattern Recognition Letters journal paper (T.Damoulas & M.Girolami, 2009) from the Inference Group makes it to the top 25 hottest PRL articles in a two month period (October-December 2008). - [more details]

4-Jun-2009 - Dr. Simon Rogers

Book alert! Prof. Girolami and Dr. Rogers have (just) started work on their new textbook 'Foundations of Machine Learning'. Hitting the shelves (hopefully) late 2010. - [more details]

1-Jun-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Vladislav Vyshemirsky talks with and answers a few questions about this month's Fast Breaking Paper in the field of Computer Science. Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters lists highly cited papers in 22 broad fields of science. These papers comprise the top 1% of papers in each field and each year. The lists are updated every two months to reflect their current citation counts and also include new papers that enter the top percentile. - [more details]

6-May-2009 - Gary Macindoe

Professor Mark Girolami, of the Department of Computing Science and the Department of Statistics, was presented with the Unsupervised Learning Pioneer Award by the International Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) in Orlando, Florida. - [more details]

30-Apr-2009 - Tamara Polajnar

Professor Mark Girolami, head of the DCS Inference Group, has been presented with a Pioneer Award by the International Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE). - [more details]

7-Apr-2009 - Dr. Theodoros Damoulas

New PR paper - Combining Feature Spaces for Classification. T. Damoulas & M. A. Girolami, Pattern Recognition, Elsevier, 2009. - [more details]

17-Feb-2009 - Dr. Mingjun Zhong

New AISTATS2009 paper - Reversible Jump MCMC for Non-Negative Matrix Factorization. Zhong, M. & Girolami, M. Twelfth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 2009. - [more details]

5-Jan-2009 - Professor Mark Girolami

Tapesh Santra and Simon Rogers speaking at the 'Complex Networks across the Natural and Technological Sciences' workshop on 21st and 23rd January respectively. - [more details]

11-Dec-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

New Bioinformatics paper - Probabilistic assignment of formulas to mass peaks in metabolomics experiments, Rogers, Scheltema, Girolami and Breitling - [more details]

14-Nov-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

3D virtual tour of the inference group PhD lab now online - [more details]

11-Nov-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Mark Girolami speaking at special session on 'Statistics of Biological Systems & Differential Equations' at the 27th European Meeting of Statisticians (EMS 2009) - [more details]

11-Nov-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Mark Girolami speaking at Workshop on Statistical Methods for Dynamic System Models, June 2009 - [more details]

10-Nov-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Metabolomics work accepted to NIPS workshop on Machine Learning in Computational Biology - [more details]

9-Nov-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Tenerife Summerschool videos - [more details]

31-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Link for new Bioinformatics paper - [more details]

31-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Infinite Non-parametric work accepted to NIPS workshop on learning from multiple sources - [more details]

27-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

New Bioinformatics paper! - [more details]

27-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Grant success! BBSRC 'Inference Based Modeling in Population & Systems Biology' - a collaboration with Imperial College and Royal Holloway, University of London

27-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Grant success (again)! British Heart Foundation 'Theoretical modelling and predictive analysis of cytokine receptor signalling and its inhibitory regulation in vascular endothelial cells' in collaboration with Dr Tim Palmer, IBLS.

21-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Dom and Ben working in Tenerife!! - [more details]

16-Oct-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

SSPF Crystallisation Propensity Predictors Web Service is now available. - [more details]

30-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Dr. Rogers moved into his new office! Research output is expected to double! - [more details]

27-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Mingjun presented his work in the ICArn 2008 in Liverpool - [more details]

26-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Bean-Bags have arrived and indeed productivity has increased!! - [more details]

16-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

The PhD division of the group is getting Bean-Bags!! Productivity is expected to increase dramatically.. - [more details]

12-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Theo in California! New ICMLA paper - [more details]

11-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

New NIPS Paper - [more details]

2-Sep-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

New PRL paper - [more details]

19-Jun-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Ben awarded best paper/presentation award at WCSB 2008! - [more details]

12-Jun-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Results of research being used in combating fraud see recent news article! - [more details]

6-Jun-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Watch a recent talk by Mark Girolami at the Newton Institute in Cambridge - [more details]

6-Jun-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Simon Rogers will be speaking at the Learning and inference of dynamical systems satellite meeting at JOBIM, Lille, on July 3rd - [more details]

18-Apr-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

PASCAL II website is up - [more details]

17-Apr-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

LICSB 2008 presentations now online at - [more details]

31-Mar-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Simon will be visiting Sami Kaski's lab at the Helsinki University of Technology in late April 2008 - [more details]

18-Mar-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Ben and Catherine will be speaking at the Fifth International Workshop on Computational Systems Biology (WCSB), June 11-13, 2008 Leipzig, Germany - [more details]

17-Mar-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Vlad, Theo, Catherine and Tapesh will all be speaking at LICSB 2008 - [more details]

17-Mar-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Simon will be speaking at MASAMB 2008 - [more details]

17-Mar-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

There is an EPSRC funded PhD scholarship in Systems Biology available with the group, contact M. Girolami for details - [more details]

26-Feb-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Systems Biology for Medical Applications Summer School, Tenerife, M. Girolami speaking - [more details]

26-Feb-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

New bioinformatics paper! - [more details]

26-Feb-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

2nd International Workshop on Systems Biology, Dublin, M. Girolami speaking - [more details]

7-Jan-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

BioBayes is now available! - [more details]

1-Jan-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

Learning in computational Systems Biology (LICSB) 2008 will be held in Glasgow in March - [more details]

1-Jan-2008 - Professor Mark Girolami

MASAMB 2008 will be held in Glasgow in March - [more details]

1-Dec-2007 - Professor Mark Girolami

The group is currently recruiting one post doctoral research associate for the CLIMB project, funded by EPSRC - [more details]

1-Oct-2007 - Professor Mark Girolami

PIMMS Workshop was recently held in Glasgow - [more details]