Re: Simon's H98 Notes

Frank Christoph writes:

> The convention should be reversed: by default, a module import is qualified.
> That eliminates the need for both "qualified" and "hiding".  You can rename
> your identifiers explicitly, as God intended.

are we talking Haskell98 here? anyway, i'd like to second that proposal.
even more, i'd like to see Ada naming convetions applied:

you can "with" a package (import a module) (you get qualified visibility)
you can "use" a previously withe-ed package (unqualified visibility)
and you can "rename" identifiers. (that would probably be the same
as "=" for Haskell since we already got referential transparency).
"with" clauses _must_ be in the header,
but "use" clauses may also be written for local blocks
(an additional plus, IMHO)

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