Indexless linear algebra algorithms

	In relation to the recent discussion about efficiencies
	vs. reduction count, timing, etc.
	Module Orthogonals has been completely revised,
	enhanced and generalized:

	Arrays - with their indexing schemes and destructive
	updating are basic tools of imperative programming. But pure
	functional languages, which prohibit variable reassignments,
	cannot compete with imperative languages by using the same tools
	and following similar resoning and patterns. 
        	With this in mind, we are attempting to demonstrate
	here that the standard indexing traps can be successfully avoided.
	This module implements afresh several standard problems from
	linear algebra. Standard Haskell lists are employed instead of
	arrays and not a single algorithm ever uses indexes for lookups or
		We do not claim high efficiency of these algorithms;
	consider them exploratory. However, we do claim that the clarity
	of these algorithms is significantly better than of those
	functionally similar algorithms, which employ indexing schemes. 


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