Re: The dreaded layout rule

I wrote:

> lexeme  -> qvarid | qconid | qvarsym | qconsym
>          | literal | special | reservedop | reservedid 
> Now we could replace qvarsym and qconsym by qop, and have both
> examples parse in the same way. However, unlike the other change in
> lexeme's definition, I don't suggest this, I only want to point out
> that there is a (formally) simple way out of the present somewhat
> inconsistent state.

I changed my mind about this issue, I do suggest to change it as
proposed, for if `elem` were three lexemes, any whitespace between
them would be allowed. This might even be considered a typo, as I
think no one intended to allow expressions like

 x ` {- look ma -} elem   -- comments inside!
   ` l 

All the best,
Christian Sievers

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