Haskell MIME types?

I just convinced my local sysadmin to attach a new MIME type to outgoing
Haskell programs sent by our web server, namely "application/x-haskell".

He was willing to do it, but wanted me to query the Haskell community to
make sure there wasn't any sort of de facto standard in use already. This
message constitutes the query and perhaps also a suggestion, should no 
one mention any prior standard.

My goal in this is to get a browser to launch Hugs/Winhugs on the podium
machine where I make lectures whenever I click on a link to Haskell code.

The rationale for "application" in the MIME type is by analogy to
PostScript code ("application/postscript"), the only example of a
standard MIME type for interpreted code we could find (source code
intended primarily for a compiler wouldn't make as much sense to
handle this way). The "x-" in "x-haskell" was suggested by the sysadmin
as respecting conventions regarding standard vs. non-standard MIME types.

Anyway, if anyone knows of any pre-existing standard, please let
me know. If not, feel free to use this one (you can, of course, map the
handling of the MIME type to anything you like locally, in your browser).

  --  Fritz Ruehr

Post to "haskell": haskell@dcs.gla.ac.uk