Re: Haskell MIME types?

Alexander Jacobson wrote:

> Postscript interpreters also have the ability to execute rm *.
> The difference is that postscript interpreters have a command line option
> to turn off file system access capabilities.
> Is there a command line option in hugs to disallow import of System?

I don't think disallowing some imports is the way to go. For example,
you also have Directory.removeFile, but I'd rather not suggest to
disallow importing Directory. Instead, operations that an untrusted
code shouldn't execute could raise an exeption like isPermissionError
or isIllegalOperationError. In *nix-land, we might chose to just run
Hugs under its own UID, so it might even write its own files, and
delete them, but only them.

> > On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Fritz K Ruehr wrote:
> > 
> >  | I just convinced my local sysadmin to attach a new MIME type to
> >  | outgoing Haskell programs sent by our web server, namely
> >  | "application/x-haskell".

Maybe the Haskell-Version should also go into the MIME type name, as
in "application/x-haskell98".

All the best,
Christian Sievers

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