Re: Haskell MIME types?

Koen wrote:

>  | I just convinced my local sysadmin to attach a new MIME type to
>  | outgoing Haskell programs sent by our web server, namely
>  | "application/x-haskell".
>  :
>  | My goal in this is to get a browser to launch Hugs/Winhugs on the
>  | podium machine where I make lectures whenever I click on a link to
>  | Haskell code.
> I am not sure if this is such a good idea.
> How about if I put the following Haskell program on my webpage:
>   import System
>   main = system "rm *"

Actually, I only mean to have Hugs launch and *load* the code, not
actually *run* it. The intent is just to make it easier to demo 
bits of sample code by having the file load up automatically
(saves typing time, remembering file paths in the middle of lecture,

Also, as some later follow-up (follower-up?) pointed out, I am not
suggesting that anyone else set their handling of the MIME type as
I am, much less to actually run the code (in fact, perhaps the latter
should be discouraged overtly if the MIME type info is publicized

On the other hand, this podium machine is newly loaded with
Windows 98, so perhaps the "rm *" would actually be an
improvement :) .

  --  Fritz Ruehr

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