Evaluation Frameworks for Interactive Multimedia Information Retrieval Applications

Esprit Working Group: 20039

Mira is a working group concentrating on the evaluation on Multimedia Information Retrieval Systems, in particular interactive systems. Mira comes (mostly) from the same people who brought you Miro.
Introduction - to Mira's aims
Participants- sites involved in Mira
Summary - summary of our proposal
Expertise - what we're good at
Workshops - information on past and upcoming workshops, including some workshop proceedings
Other - other sites that may be of interest

Mira is interested in all aspects of IR evaluation, the following is a list of those areas that we have identified as being of particular importance...
The user in the evaluation process The changing nature of IR tasks and evaluation
Traditional evaluation methodologies Evaluation can be prescriptive of IR design
A balanced approach (system vs. user) Interaction affects dynamic evaluation
The move from static to dynamic evaluation New media affect evaluation
Evaluation methods for smaller groups New projects for new evaluation frameworks

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