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"Operating system support for distributed interactive multimedia"

(Esprit LTR 21917)

This is the Glasgow home page for the Pegasus Project. At the moment it is still being developed and hence has only a few links. The main project pages can be found here.

Download Nemesis

Now download the Glasgow Nemesis packages.

ATM Information

The status of the departments ATM infrastructure can be found here. This isnt a very sensible place for it, but its better than nothing right now, and it is modifyable by all the Pegasus group.

Undergraduate Project Information and Suggestions

For project suggestions and details of the various undergraduate projects which could be done using the Nemesis Multimedia Operating System select here.

Glasgow Specific Information

Information about Pegasus and Nemesis in Glasgow and what you need to do to gain access can be found on this page. This can only be accessed from local machines.

Glasgow Project Information

Some of the topics we are currently considering as our part of the Pegasus Project are:

Glasgow People

Some people who are working on Pegasus in Glasgow are:

Further Information

For more information look at our partners Webpages: