Computing at Glasgow University

Making your Research Degree Application

The application for a Masters by research or a PhD is the same. We want to make the application process as simple as possible so contact us if you have any questions or problems.
To apply, you need to:
• Fill out an application form
• Enclose a copy of your CV
• Provide a research plan (for a PhD this should be 2 - 3 pages, for a Masters by research one page is fine)
• Get two referees letters

The research plan should generally describe the areas you are interested in. It shows us that you have thought about some of the questions to be answered in your research. If you want help writing this then contact us at the address above or email the members of staff interested in the area directly (the email address of members of staff can be found from the staff interests web page )and talk to them - they will be happy to help you. If you do not give us a research plan then we will not be able to see where you fit in the department’s research activities.

More information on all of these points can be found in the application pack, which can be obtained from:
Research Student Admissions
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ