<XML><RECORDS><RECORD><REFERENCE_TYPE>3</REFERENCE_TYPE><REFNUM>5933</REFNUM><AUTHORS><AUTHOR>Cockshott,T.</AUTHOR><AUTHOR>Patterson,J.W.</AUTHOR><AUTHOR>England,D.</AUTHOR></AUTHORS><YEAR>1992</YEAR><TITLE>Modelling the Texture of Paint</TITLE><PLACE_PUBLISHED> Computer Graphics FORUM (Proceedings Eurographics '92) Vol 11 No 3 </PLACE_PUBLISHED><PUBLISHER>Oxford University Press</PUBLISHER><PAGES>217-226</PAGES><LABEL>Cockshott:1992:5933</LABEL><KEYWORDS><KEYWORD>realistic simulation nonphotorealistic rendering</KEYWORD></KEYWORDS<ABSTRACT> We present an extension to the WET & STICKY model. A method of modelling textured and shiny paint is described using bump mapping and standard illumination models . The qualities of the paint are used to supply input to the texture and lighting models. We demonstrate that a dynamic model of textured paint provides the user with valuable visual clues for the production of realistic painted images. We also propose further extensions which would allow the use of different lighting models for different paints, allowing for paint attributes which are unachievable either with traditional painting or with earlier forms of electronic painting. </ABSTRACT><URL>http://www.eg.org/EG/CGF/Volume11/Issue3/v12i3pp217-226_abstract.html</URL></RECORD></RECORDS></XML>