<XML><RECORDS><RECORD><REFERENCE_TYPE>3</REFERENCE_TYPE><REFNUM>7812</REFNUM><AUTHORS><AUTHOR>Johnson,C.W.</AUTHOR><AUTHOR>Holloway,C.M.</AUTHOR></AUTHORS><YEAR>2004</YEAR><TITLE>Systemic Failures' and `Human Error' in Canadian TSB Aviation Accident Reports between 1996 and 2002</TITLE><PLACE_PUBLISHED>In A. Pritchett and A. Jackson (eds), HCI in Aerospace 2004, EURISCO, Toulouse, France </PLACE_PUBLISHED><PUBLISHER>N/A</PUBLISHER><PAGES>25-32</PAGES><LABEL>Johnson:2004:7812</LABEL><KEYWORDS><KEYWORD>Human error</KEYWORD></KEYWORDS<ABSTRACT>This paper describes the results of an independent analysis of the primary and contributory causes of aviation accidents in Canada between 1996 and 2003. The purpose of the study was to assess the comparative frequency of a range of causal factors in the reporting of these adverse events. Our results suggest that the majority of these high consequence accidents were attributed to human error. A large number of reports also mentioned wider systemic issues, including the managerial and regulatory context of aviation operations. These issues are more likely to appear as contributory rather than primary causes in this set of accident reports. </ABSTRACT></RECORD></RECORDS></XML>