<XML><RECORDS><RECORD><REFERENCE_TYPE>10</REFERENCE_TYPE><REFNUM>9133</REFNUM><AUTHORS><AUTHOR>Harvey,P.</AUTHOR></AUTHORS><YEAR>2009</YEAR><TITLE>XenoContiki</TITLE><PLACE_PUBLISHED>DCS Technical Report Series</PLACE_PUBLISHED><PUBLISHER>Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow</PUBLISHER><PAGES>1-70</PAGES><ISBN>TR-2009-296</ISBN><LABEL>Harvey:2009:9133</LABEL><KEYWORDS><KEYWORD>Xen</KEYWORD></KEYWORDS<ABSTRACT>This report details the modification of Contiki, a wireless sensor network operating system, to allow it to run as a virtual domain over the Xen hypervisor. Also explained is how the simulation was made possible by the use of a central domain to control the messages that are passed between the virtual domains as well as an explanation of the inclusion of the Insense runtime to allow Insense, a component based networking language, to take advantage of the simulation environment. The following document contains the design, implementation and operation considerations of the simulation environment.</ABSTRACT></RECORD></RECORDS></XML>