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1998 1997 1996


Porting a Distributed System to PJama: Orthogonal Persistence for Java
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The Design of a new Persistent Object Store for PJama
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The Design of Sphere: a Scalable, Flexible, and Extensible Persistent Object Store
Printezis,T. Atkinson,M.P. Daynes,L. Spence,S. DCS Tech Report [More Details].

A Scalable Model of Distribution Promoting Autonomy of and Cooperation between PJava Object Stores
Spence,S. Atkinson,M.P. Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (Wailea, Hawaii, USA) IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Design Issues for Persistent Java: a type-safe, object-oriented, othogonally persistent system
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An Orthogonally Persistent Java TM
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