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A Distributed Usage Monitoring System
Gray,P. McLeod,I. Draper,S. Crease,M. Thomas,R. CADUI 2004 (Jacob, R., Limbourg, Q. and Vanderdonckt, J., Eds.) (Madeira, Portugal) pp 121-132 Kluwer
[More Details].


The pervasiveness of evolution in GRUMPS software
Evans,H. Atkinson,M. Brown,M. Cargill,J. Crease,M. Draper,S. Gray,P. Thomas,R. Software-Practice & Experience, Vol 33, Issue 2 (Feb 2003) pp 99-120 Wiley
[More Details].


GRUMPS Summer Anthology, 2001
Atkinson,M. Brown,M. Cargill,J. Crease,M. Draper,S.
Evans,J.H. Gray,P. Mitchell,C. Ritchie,M. Thomas,R. Academic Press [More Details].

Using Location Information in an Undergraduate Computing Science Laboratory Support System
Crease,M. Gray,P. Cargill,J. In Proc of Location Modelling for Ubiquitous Computing (workshop, Ubicomp 2001) pp 89-98 [More Details].


Using non-speech sounds in mobile computing devices
Brewster,S.A. Leplatre,G. Crease,M.C. Dummy location data entered by Stewart 6/7/2001 Proceedings of the First Workshop on Human Computer Interaction for Mobile Devices (Glasgow, UK) pp 26-29 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

A Toolkit of Mechanism and Context Independent Widgets
Crease,M.C. Gray,P.D. Brewster,S.A. Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems (Workshop 8, ICSE 2000), Limerick Academic Press [More Details].

Automatic volume control for auditory interfaces
Brewster,S.A. Crossan,A. Crease,M.C. Volume II Proceedings of BCS HCI 2000 (Sunderland, UK) pp 17-18 Academic Press [More Details].

Presenting dynamic information on mobile computers
Brewster,S.A. Crease,M.C. Personal Technologies, 4(2) pp 209-212 Academic Press [More Details].

Caring, Sharing Widgets: A Toolkit of Sensitive Widgets
Crease,M. Brewster,S.A. Gray,P. Proceedings of HCI 2000, Sunderland, UK, (McDonald, S; Waern; Cockton, Eds.,) pp 257-270 Springer [More Details].


Correcting Menu Usability Problems With Sound
Brewster,S.A. Crease,M.C. Behaviour and Information Technology, Volume 18, No. 3 pp 165-177 [More Details].

Scope for Progress - Monitoring Background Tasks with Sound
Crease,M. Brewster,S.A. Volume II of the Proceedings of INTERACT '99 (Edinburgh, UK) pp 19-20 British Computer Society [More Details].

Resource Sensitive Multi-Modal Widgets
Crease,M. Gray,P. Brewster,S.A. Proceedings of INTERACT '99 (Edinburgh, UK) pp 21-22 British Computer Society [More Details].


Making progress with sounds - The design and evaluation of an audio progress bar
Crease,M.C. Brewster,S.A. Proceedings of ICAD '98 (Glasgow, UK) British Computer Society [More Details].


Making Menus Musical
Brewster,S.A. Crease,M.C. Proceedings of IFIP Interact '97 (Sydney, Australia) pp 389-396 Chapman & Hall [More Details].