Computing at Glasgow University

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The Glasgow Persistent Libraries
Atkinson,M.P. Welland,R.C. Philbrow,P.C. Waite,C.A. Cooper,R.L. Lavery,D. Froggatt,A. Macneill,S.D. Mira Da Silva,M. Montgomery,G. Primohamed,A. Fully Integrated Data Environments pp 527-539 Springer [More Details].


Type-safe Linguistic Reflection: A generator technology
Stemple,D. Fergaras,L. Stanton,R. Sheard,T.
Philbrow,P.C. Cooper,R.L. Atkinson,M.P. Morrison,R. Kirby,G. Connor,R. Alegic,S. Fully Integrated Data Environments pp 158-188 Springer [More Details].

Persistent Object Systems
Atkinson,M.P. Birnie,A. Jackson,N. Philbrow,P.C. Software Practice and Experience [More Details].


Exploiting Persistence in Build Management
Sjoberg, D.I.K.,
Welland,R.C. Atkinson,M.P. Philbrow,P. Waite,C. Software Practice and Experience, Volume 27 pp 447-480 [More Details].

The Persistent Workshop - a Programming Environment for Napier88
Sjoberg,D.I.K. Welland,R.C. Atkinson,M.P. Philbrow,P. Waite,C. Macneill,S. Nordic Journal of Computing pp 123-149 [More Details].