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Domino: Exploring Mobile Collaborative Software Adaptation
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[More Details].

Interweaving Mobile Games with Everyday Life
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Picking Pockets on the Lawn: The Development of Tactics and Strategies in a Mobile Game
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[More Details].

Gaming on the Edge: Using Seams in Ubicomp Games
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Sharing photos and recommendations in the city streets
Bell,M. Chalmers,M. Brown,B. MacColl,I. Hall,M. Rudman,P. Pervasive 2005 Workshop on Exploting Context Histories in Smart Environments (ECHISE) [More Details].

Using Peer-to-Peer Ad Hoc Networks for Play and Leisure
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Three Applications for Mobile Epidemic Algorithms
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Gaming on the Edge: Using Seams in Pervasive Games
Chalmers,M. Bell,M. Brown,B. Hall,M. Sherwood,S. Tennent,P. Pervasive 2005 workshop on Pervasive Games (PerGames 2005) [More Details].

Sharing the square: collaborative leisure in the city streets
Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Bell,M. MacColl,I. Rudman,P. European Conf. Computer Supported Collaborative Work Kluwer [More Details].


Social interaction in ?There?.
Brown,B. Bell,M. Proceedings of CHI 2004: extended abstracts pp TBC ACM Press
[More Details].

Models of Space in a Mixed-Reality System
Steed,A. MacColl,I. Randell,C. Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Greenhalgh,C. Proc. Symposium on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Information Visualisation 2004 (IV2004), London [More Details].


Lessons from the Lighthouse: Collaboration in a Shared Mixed Reality System
Brown,B. MacColl,I. Chalmers,M.
Galani,A. Randell,C. Steed,A. Proc. CHI 2003 pp 577-584 ACM [More Details].

Tourism and Mobile Technology
Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Proc. Euro. Conf. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2003) Kluwer [More Details].

Developing a mixed reality co-visiting experience for local and remote museum companions
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. Brown,B. MacColl,I. Randell,C. Steed,A. Proceedings of HCI International 2003 pp 1143-1147 [More Details].


Shared Visiting in Equator City
MacColl,I. Millard,D. Randell,C. Steed,A. Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Benford,S. ACM Conf. on Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE2002) pp 88-94 ACM
[More Details].

Of maps and guidebooks: designing geographical technologies
Brown,B. Perry,M. Proceedings of Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2002 ACM Press [More Details].


Wireless World: Social, Cultural and Interactional Issues in Mobile Communications and Computing
Brown,B. Green,N. Harper,H. Academic Press
[More Details].

Unpacking a timesheet: formalisation and representation
Brown,B. CSCW Journal, Volume 10, Issue 4 pp 293-315 Academic Press [More Details].

Dealing with Mobility: Understanding access anytime, anywhere
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Representing time: the humble timesheet as a representation and some details of its completion and use
Brown,B. Ethnographic Studies Academic Press [More Details].

Exploring users? experiences of the web
Brown,B. Sellen,A. First Monday, Volume 6 , Issue 9. Academic Press [More Details].

The Use of Conventional and New Music Media: Implications for Future Technologies
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Music sharing as a computer supported collaborative application
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Technology and the use of documents in mobile work
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Research alert - Dealing with mobility
Perry,M. O'Hara,K. Sellen,A. Harper,R. Brown,B. Interactions, November/December 2001, ACM Press, 9-11 pp 9-11 ACM Press [More Details].