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A Hardware Relaxation Paradigm for Solving NP-Hard Problems
Cockshott,W.P. Koltes,A. O'Donnell,J.T. Prosser,P. Vanderbauwhede,W. Visions of Computer Science, BCS International Academic Research Conference pp 1-12 [More Details].


Parallelism through Digital Circuit Design
O'Donnell,J.T. [More Details].


Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer, Second Edition
O'Donnell,J.T. Hall,C.V. Page,R. Springer pp xx + 420 [More Details].

Overview of Hydra: A concurrent language for synchronous digital circuit design
O'Donnell,J.T. International Journal of Information, Volume 9, Number 2, March 2006. pp 249-264 [More Details].

Interconnect and Geometric Layout in Hydra (Abstract)
O'Donnell,J.T. Designing Correct Circuits (DCC'06), ETAPS, Vienna, March 2006. [More Details].


Motion space reduction in a haptic model of violin and viola bowing
Baillie,S. Brewster,S. Hall,C.V.
O'Donnell,J.T. First Joint Eurohaptics Conference and Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems (WorldHaptics '05) pp 525-526 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Supporting tasks with adaptive groups in data parallel programming
O'Donnell,J.T. International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering (IJCSE), Vol. 1, Nos. 2/3/4, Inderscience Publishers. pp 86-98 [More Details].


DSL Implementation in MetaOCaml, Template Haskell, and C++
O'Donnell,J.T. Striegnitz,J. Taha,W. LNCS 3016 Springer Verlag [More Details].

Integrating Formal Methods with Digital Circuit Design in Hydra (Abstract)
O'Donnell,J.T. ETAPS 2004, Designing Correct Circuits [More Details].

Derivation of a Logarithmic Time Carry Lookahead Addition Circuit
O'Donnell,J.T. Ruenger,G. Journal of Functional Programming, Volume 14, Number 6. pp 697-713 Cambridge University Press [More Details].

Embedding a Hardware Description Language in Template Haskell
O'Donnell,J.T. LNCS 3016 pp 143-164 Springer Verlag [More Details].


Overview of Hydra: A concurrent language for synchronous digital circuit design
O'Donnell,J.T. Proc. 16th International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium pp abstract: 234 (CD: 9 pages) IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Derivation of a carry lookahead addition circuit
O'Donnell,J.T. Ruenger,G. Proc. ACM SIGPLAN Haskell Workshop (HW2001), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 59, No. 2 Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science [More Details].

The collective semantics in functional SPMD programming
O'Donnell,J.T. Proc. 12th International Workshop on Implementation of Functional Languages, LNCS 2011 pp 249-265 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Introduction of static load balancing in incremental parallel programming
Goodman,J. O'Donnell,J.T. Proceedings of Euro-Par 2001 Parallel Processing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 535-539, vol. 2150 pp 535-539 Springer [More Details].


A Side-Effect-Free Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm
O'Donnell,J.T. Rauber,T. Runger,G. Published in ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Como, Italy. Association for Computing Machinery. pp 782-791 ACM [More Details].

Abstract Parallel Machines
Runger,G O'Donnell,J.T. Computers and Artificial Intelligence (now cont. as Computing and Informatics) pp 105-129 [More Details].

Cost hierarchies for abstract parallel machines
O'Donnell,J.T. Rauber,T. Ruenger,G. 13th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing (LCPC 2000) LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Discrete Mathematics Using a Computer
Hall,C.V. O'Donnell,J.T. Springer [More Details].


Data Parallelism
O'Donnell,J.T. Research Directions in Parallel Functional Programming. (Hammond, K., Michaelson, G. Eds.,) pp 191-206 Springer [More Details].


Refinement transformation using Abstract Parallel Machines
Goodman,J. O'Donnell,J.T. Ranger,G. Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].


Refining a parallel algorithm for calculating bowings
Hall,C.V. Hammond,K. Loidl,H.
O'Donnell,J.T. Trinder,P. Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming [More Details].

A Coordination Level Functional Implementation of the Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm
O'Donnell,J.T. Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Glasgow Workshop on Functional Programming
O'Donnell,J.T. [More Details].

A methodology for deriving parallel programs with a family of Abstract Parallel Machines
O'Donnell,J.T. Runger,G. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Volume 1300. Euro-Par'97: Parallel Processing (Passau, Germany) pp 662-669 Springer [More Details].

Parallel distributed programming with Haskell + PVM
Winstanley,N. O'Donnell,J.T. Proceedings of Euro-Par'97: Parallel Processing. Volume No 1300 pp 670-677 Springer [More Details].


A formal derivation of a parallel binary addition circuit
O'Donnell,J.T. Ruenger,G. DCS Tech Report University of Glasgow [More Details].

From transistors to computer architecture: Teaching functional circuit specification in Hydra
O'Donnell,J.T. Symposium on Functional Programming Languages in Education (FPLE'95), LNCS 1022 pp 195-214 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Formal specification of interconnection networks
O'Donnell,J.T. Ruenger,G. Functional Programming, Glasgow 1995, Springer Workshops in Computing Springer Verlag [More Details].


A correctness proof of parallel scan
O'Donnell,J.T. Parallel Processing Letters, Vol. 4, No. 3 (September 1994) pp 329-338 World Scientific [More Details].

A case study in parallel program derivation: the heat equation algorithm
O'Donnell,J.T. Ruenger,G. Functional Programming, Glasgow 1994, Springer Workshops in Computing pp 167-183 Springer Verlag [More Details].


Data parallel implementation of Extensible Sparse Functional Arrays
O'Donnell,J.T. Proc. Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe (PARLE'93), LNCS 694 pp 68-79 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Bidirectional fold and scan
O'Donnell,J.T. Functional Programming, Glasgow 1993, Springer Workshops in Computing pp 193-200 Springer Verlag [More Details].

Functional Programming, Glasgow 1993
O'Donnell,J.T. Hammond,K. Springer Workshops in Computing Springer Verlag [More Details].


Generating netlists from executable circuit specifications in a pure functional language
O'Donnell,J.T. Functional Programming, Glasgow 1992, Springer Workshops in Computing pp 178-194 Springer Verlag [More Details].


An algorithmic and semantic approach to debugging
Hall,C.V. Hammond,K.
O'Donnell,J.T. Functional Programming, Glasgow 1990, Springer Workshops in Computing pp 44-53 Springer Verlag [More Details].


Nondeterministic functional programming with sets
O'Donnell,J.T. Proc. 1990 Banf Conference on Higher Order Reasoning Computer Science, University of Calgary [More Details].

Executing declarative languages on a fine-grain parallel machine
O'Donnell,J.T. Declarative Systems: Proc. IFIP TC10/WG10.1 Workshop on Concepts and Characteristics of Declarative Systems pp 149-163 North-Holland [More Details].