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Theoretical foundations of information visualisation
Purchase,H.C. Andrienko,N. Jankun-Kelly,T.J. Ward,M. Information Visualization – Human-Centered Issues and Perspectives, LNCS 4950 pp 46 – 64 Springer Verlag [More Details].

Contributing Student Pedagogy
Hamer,J. Cutts,Q. Jackova,J. Luxton-Reilly,A. McCartney,R. Purchase,H.C. Riedesel,C. Saela,M. Sanders,K. Sheard,J. SIGCSE Bulletin 40(4) pp 196-214 ACM Press [More Details].

PeerWise: students sharing their multiple choice questions
Denny,P. Hamer,J. Luxton-Reilly,A. Purchase,H.C. Proceeding of the 4th International Workshop on Computing Education Research (ICER'08), Sydney, Australia pp 51-58 ACM [More Details].

Extremes are better: investigating mental map preservation in dynamic graphs
Purchase,H.C. Samra,A. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Diagrammatic Representation and Inference pp 60-73 [More Details].

The "Mental Map" versus "Static Aesthetic" compromise in dynamic graphs
Saffrey,P. Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Australasian User Interface, Wollongong, Australia pp 85-93 Australian Computer Society [More Details].

Denny,P. Luxton-Reilly,A. Hamer,J. Purchase,H.C. 8th Koli Calling International Conference on Computing Education Research, Koli National Park, Finland ACM [More Details].


Applying layout algorithms to hand-drawn graphs
Reid,P. Hallet-Hook,F. Plimmer,B. Purchase,H. Proceedings of the 19th Australasian conference on Computer-Human Interaction pp 203-206 Association of Computing Machinery
[More Details].


Student Compliace with Ethical Guidelines: The Glasgow Ethics Code.
Purchase,H.C. ITALICS, Vol 5(2) Higher Education Academy [More Details].

Multidimensional Tactons for Non-Visual Infomation Display in Mobile Devices
Brown,L. Brewster,S.A. Purchase,H. Proceedings of MobileHCI 2006 (Espoo, Finland) pp 231-238 ACM Press [More Details].

Multidimensional Tactons for Non-Visual Information Display in Mobile Devices.
Brown,l.m. Brewster,s.a. Purchase,H.C. In Proceedings of MobileHCI 2006 (Espoo, Finland), ACM Press, pp231-238. pp 231-238 [More Details].

Research Methods in Computing: What are they and how should we teach them?
Holz,H. Applin,A. Haberman,B. Joyce,D. Purchase,H. Reed,C. SIGCSE Bulletin, vol 38(4) pp 96-114 [More Details].

How Important is the “Mental Map”? — an Empirical Investigation of a Dynamic Graph Layout Algorithm
Purchase,H. Hoggan,E. Gorg,C. Graph Drawing 2006 Springer [More Details].


A first investigation into the effectiveness of Tactons.
Brewster,S.A. Purchase,H.C. In Proceedings of WorldHaptics 2005 (Pisa, Italy). IEEE Press pp 167-176 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Evaluating Graph Drawing Aesthetics: defining and exploring a new empirical research area
Purchase,H.C. Computer Graphics and Multimedia: Applications, Problems and Solutions pp 145-178 Idea Group Publishing [More Details].

Gauging Students' Understanding Through Interactive Lectures
Purchase,H.C. Mitchell,C. Ounis,I. M. Howard Williams, Lachlan M. MacKinnon (Eds.): Key Technologies for Data Management, 21st British National Conference on Databases, BNCOD 21, Edinburgh, UK, July 7-9, 2004, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3112 Springer 2004, pp 234-243 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Comprehension of diagram syntax: an empirical study of Entity Relationship notations
Purchase,H.C. Welland,R. McGill,M. Colpoys,L. International Journal of Human Computer Studies 61 (2004) pp 187-203 [More Details].


UML Class Diagrams: An Empirical Study of Comprehension
Purchase,H.C. Colpoys,L. Carrington,D. McGill,M. Software Visualization – From Theory to Practice, Zhang, K. (ed) pp 149-178 Kluwer [More Details].

Using Developmental Theories to Inform the Design of Technology for Children
Wyeth,P. Purchase,H.C. Small Users - Big Ideas: Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children pp 93-100 ACM [More Details].

Comprehension of Diagram Syntax:an empirical study of Entity-Relationship notations
Purchase,H.C. Welland,R. McGill,M. Colpoys,L. Proceedings of Empirical Assessment in Software Engineering pp 213-231 [More Details].


Cognitive Measurements of Graph Aesthetics
Purchase,H.C. Colpoys,L. McGill,M. Information Visualization 1(2) pp 103-110 [More Details].

Metrics for Graph Drawing Aesthetics
Purchase,H.C. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 13(5), 2002. pp 501-516 [More Details].

Experimenting with Layout and Notation in UML Diagrams
Carrington,D. Colpoys,L. McGill,M. Purchase,H.C. International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering vol. II pp 9-10 IEEE [More Details].

Tangible Programming Elements for Young Children
Wyeth,P.A. Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the CHI conference. Comstock,B.,Sasse,M.A.(eds) pp 774-775 ACM [More Details].

UML Collaboration diagram syntax: an empirical study of comprehension
Purchase,H.C. Colpoys,L. McGill,M. Carrington,D. Proceedings of the First International Workshop of Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis, Knight,C.,Storey,M.A.,Munro,M.(eds). pp 13-22 IEEE [More Details].

Designing Technology for Children: Moving from the Computer into the Physical World with Electronic Blocks
Wyeth,P. Purchase,H.C. Information Technology in Childhood Education Annual (1) pp 219-244 [More Details].

Graph Layout Aesthetics in UML diagrams: User Preferences
Purchase,H.C. Carrington,D.A. and Allder,J.A. Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 6(3) pp 255-279 [More Details].

An Empirical Study of Online Help Design: Features and Principles
Purchase,H.C. Worrill,J. International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 56(5) pp 539-567 [More Details].

Empirical evaluation of aesthetics-based graph layout
Purchase,H.C. Carrington,D.A. Allder,J.A. Empirical Software Engineering,7(3) pp 233-255 [More Details].


A Semiotic Model of Multimedia: Theory and Evaluation
Purchase,H.C. Naumann,D. Design and Management of Multimedia Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges, Rahman, S.M. (ed) pp 1-21 Idea Group Publishing [More Details].

Exploring the Learning Potential of an Artificial Life Simulation
Wyeth,P.A. Purchase,H.C. International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-long Learning, 11(3) pp 229-241 [More Details].

UML class diagram syntax: an empirical study of comprehension
Purchase,H.C. Colpoys,L. McGill,M. Carrington,D. Britton,C. Proceedings of the Australian Symposium on Information Visualisation, Eades, P. and Pattison, T. (eds) pp 113-120 Australian Computer Society [More Details].

Graph drawings aesthetics and the comprehension of UML class diagrams: an empirical study
Purchase,H.C. McGill,M. Colpoys,L. Carrington,D. Proceedings of the Australian Symposiuim on Information Visualisation, Eades, P. and Pattison, T. (eds) pp 129-137 Australian Computer Society [More Details].


Experimenting with aesthetics-based graph layout
Purchase,H.C. Carrington,D. Allder,J-A. Proceedings of the Theory and Application of Diagrams Conference, Anderson, M. and Cheng, P. and Haarslev, V. (eds), Lecture notes in Artifical Intelligence 1889, Springer Verlag, 2000. [More Details].

User preference of Graph Layout Aesthetics: a UML study
Purchase,H.C. Allder,J-A. Carrington,D. Proceedings of the Graph Drawing symposium, Marks, J. (ed), Lecture notes in Computer Science, 1984, Springer Verlag, 2000. Springer [More Details].

The TOMUS Model of Multimedia: an empirical investigation
Purchase,H.C. Naumann,D. Proceedings of the World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, Bordeau, J. and Heller, R. (eds), Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education [More Details].

Programming without a Computer: A new interface for children under eight
Wyeth,P.A. Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the first Australasian User Interface Conference, IEEE [More Details].

Peer Assessment: Encouraging Reflection on Interface Design
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of Australasian Computer Science Conference, IEEE [More Details].

Learning about Interface Design through Peer Assessment
Purchase,H.C. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education 25(4) pp 341-352 [More Details].

Effective information visualisation: a study of graph drawing aesthetics and algorithms
Purchase,H.C. Interacting with Computers, 13(2) pp 477-506 [More Details].


Exploring the Learning Potential of an Artificial Life simulation
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the Ninth International PEG Conference, University of Exeter [More Details].

Informationally Equivalent Representations: An architecture and applications
Purchase,H.C. Perspectives on Cognitive Science: Theories, Experiments, and Foundations. Wiles, J., and Dartnall, T. (eds) pp 329-346 Ablex Publishing Corporation, New Jersey, U.S.A. [More Details].

The integration of cognitive knowledge into a perceptual representation: Lessons from Human and Computer Go
Burmeister,J. Wiles,J. Purchase,H.C. Perspectives on Cognitive Science, vol II: Theories, experiments, and foundations, Wiles, J. and Dartnall, T. (eds), Ablex, 1999. pp 239-258 [More Details].

Developmentally Appropriate Learning: Implications for Early Childhood Technology Education,
Wyeth,P.A. Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the Ninth International PEG Conference, University of Exeter Academic Press [More Details].

Modelling the impacts of advanced traveller information systems using intelligent agents
Dia,H. Purchase,H.C. Road and Transport Research, 8(3) [More Details].

A Semiotic Definition of Multimedia Communication
Purchase,H.C. Semiotica (123-3/4) pp 247-259 [More Details].


Performance of Layout Algorithms: Comprehension, not Computation
Purchase,H.C. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 9 pp 647-657 [More Details].

Defining Multimedia
Purchase,H.C. IEEE Multimedia, 5(1) pp 8-15 [More Details].

The Effects of Graph Layout
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the OzCHI Conference, IEEE Computer Society [More Details].


Learning Object-Oriented Programming in Six hours: an experience with school students
Hussey,A. Leadbetter,D.
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the Second Australasian Conference on Computer Science Education, Hurst, J.(ed). ACM Press [More Details].

Fostering interest in Information Technology: running a vacation school for pre-university students
Purchase,H.C. Hussey,A. Brookes,W. Leadbetter,D. Proceedings of the Second Australasian Conference on Computer Science Education, Hurst, J. (ed). ACM Press [More Details].

Multimedia Communication and Technology: a Semiotic Perspective
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of HCI International, Smith, M., Salvendy, G. and Koubek, R.J. Elsevier Science [More Details].

Which aesthetic has the greatest effect on human understanding?
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of Graph Drawing Symposium, Di Battista, G. (ed), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1353, Springer Verlag [More Details].

An Experimental Study of the Basis for Graph Drawing Algorithms
Purchase,H.C. Cohen,R.F. James,M. ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithms, 2(4) [More Details].


Setting Up a Tutor Training Programme in Computer Science
Strooper,P. Bakker,P. Carrington,D. Creasy,P. Goodchild,A. MacColl,I.
Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the First Australian Conference on Computer Science Education, Rosenberg, J. (ed) ACM Press [More Details].

Pragmatics versus Purism - taking the best of both worlds
Pedersen,M. Purchase,H.C. Proceedings of the PRICAI-96 Workshop on Future Issues for Multi-lingual Text Processing, Estival, D. and Dale, R. (eds),Griffith University [More Details].

Gloss: interactive navigation of lexical space
Purchase,H.C. Kennish,J.M. Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific conference on Human Computer Interaction, Yong, L.K., Herman, L., Leung, Y.K. and Moyes, J. (eds), Information Technology Institute, National Computer Board of Singapore [More Details].


Validating Graph Drawing Aesthetics,
Purchase,H.C. Cohen,R.F. James,M. Proceedings of Graph Drawing Symposium, Brandenburg,F. (ed), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1027 Springer Verlag [More Details].