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2004 2003


3D Microscopic image coding by finite-state vector quantization in an enhanced image pyramid
Tao,Y. Cockshott,W.P. SPIE on Medical Imaging (2004), San Diego, USA SPIE [More Details].

A hybrid vector quantizer for enhanced image pyramid coding with application to volumetric image compression in confocal microscopy
Tao,Y. Cockshott,W.P. SPIE on Photonic Asia (PA04), Beijing, P. R. China SPIE [More Details].


Microscopic Volumetric Image Data Compression Using Vector Quantization and 3D Pyramid
Cockshott,W.P. Tao,Y. Gao,G. Daly,C. Picture Coding Symposium 2003 (PCS'03), Saint Malo, France pp 119-124 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Confocal Microscopic Image Sequence Compression Using Vector Quantization and 3D Pyramids
Cockshott,W.P. Tao,Y. Gao,G. Balch,P. Briones,A.M. Daly,C. SCANNING - The Journal of Scanning Microscopies pp 247-256 AAAI Press [More Details].