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Large-scale data sharing in the life sciences: Data standards, incentives, barriers and funding models (The “Joint Data Standards Study”)
Sinnott,R.O. MacDonald,A. Lord,P.W. Ecklund,D. Jones,A. prepared for The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, The Department of Trade and Industry, The Joint Information Systems Committee for Support for Research, The Medical Research Council, The Natural Environment Research Council and The Wellcome Trust. [More Details].


An Object Model and Database for Functional Genomics
Jones,A. Hunt,E. Wastling,J. Pizarro,A. Stoeckert,C. Bioinformatics 20(10) pp 1583-1590 Oxford University Press [More Details].


Proposal for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis data standards
Jones,A. Wastling,J. Hunt,E. DCS Tech Report pp 24 [More Details].

Proposal for a standard representation of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis data
Jones,A. Wastling,J. Hunt,E. Comparative and Functional Genomics Volume 4, Issue 5 pp 492-501 Wiley [More Details].