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What's up Prof? Current Issues in the Visual Effects and Postproduction Industry
Dodgson,N. Patterson,J. Willis,P. Leonardo, Vol 43 Issue 1 MIT Press
[More Details].


Reconstructing Vectorised Photographic Images
Patterson,J.W. Taylor,C.D. Willis,P.J. CVMP 2009 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Highly Stylised Animation
Di Fiore,F. Van Reeth,F. Patterson,J. Willis,P. The Visual Computer, Volume 24 pp 105-123 Springer Verlag
[More Details].

Modeling the Interaction Between Objects and Cartoon Water
Liao,J. Yu,J-H. Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds 2008, Vol 19 pp 1-11 Wiley [More Details].


Highly Stylized Drawn Animation
Di Fiore,F. Van Reeth,F. Patterson,J. Willis,P. Proceedings CGI 2006 pp 36 - 53 Springer
[More Details].


Sketching with a Low-Latency Electronic Ink Drawing Tablet
Henzen,A. Ailenei,N. Di Fiore,F. Van Reeth,F. Patterson,J. Proceedings GRAPHITE 2005 pp 51-60 ACM
[More Details].


3D Performance Capture for Facial Animation
MacVicar,D.W. Ford,S. Borland,E. Rixon,R.C. Patterson,J.W. Cockshott,W.P. 3DPVT, Thessaloniki, Greece IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Using the Web as a Pedagogical Tool
[More Details].

CIRCUS for Beginners
Patterson,J. Boehm,C. Proceedings CIRCUS Conference 2001 pp 182 - 193 [More Details].


Bezier Curve Rendering on Virtex TM
Macvicar,D. Singh,S. Slous,R.
Patterson,J.W. Proceedings of Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) 1999, USA, (Pocek, A. and Arnold, J, Eds.) pp 314-315 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Rendering PostScript Fonts on FPGAs
Macvicar,D. Singh,S. Patterson,J.W. Proceedings of 9th Intl. Workshop on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL'99, (Lysaght, P., Irvine, J. and Hartenstein, R. Eds.). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume No 1673 pp 223-232 Springer [More Details].


Captivating Models
Siebert,J.P. Patterson,J.W. Proceedings of the IEE Colloquium on Computer Vision for Virtual Human Modelling, London, UK, 1998. [More Details].


Assessment Criteria for 2D Shape Transformations in Animation
Patterson,J.W. Procedings of Computer Animation June '97, Geneva, (Tahlmann, N. & D. Eds.) pp 103-112 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Postscript Rendering with Virtual Hardware
Singh,S. Patterson,J.W. Burns,J. Dales,M. In Proceedings of FPL'97 [More Details].


A Fire Model for 2-D Computer Animation
Patterson,J.W. Proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Computer Animation '96, Poitiers, France. Published in Eurographics Series, (Boulic R. and Hegron, G., Eds.). pp 49-60 Springer [More Details].


Computer-Assisted Animation: 2D or not 2D
Patterson,J.W. Willis,P.J. The Computer Journal Vol 37 No 10 Oxford University Press [More Details].

Inverse Displacement Mapping in the General Case
Logie,J.R. Patterson,J.W. Computer Graphics Forum Vol 14 No 5 pp 261-273 Oxford University Press [More Details].


Digital Half-Toning Using Dot Modelling
Patterson,J.W. Todd,S.J.P. Proceedings of the EUROGRAPHICS UK conference 1994 Oxford University Press [More Details].


Fast Spheres
Patterson,J.W. Computer Graphics FORUM (proc. Eurographics '93) Oxford University Press [More Details].


Modelling the Texture of Paint
Patterson,J.W. England,D. Computer Graphics FORUM (Proceedings Eurographics '92) Vol 11 No 3 pp 217-226 Oxford University Press [More Details].

Compositing Hierarchically-Structured Images
Patterson,J.W. Cockton,G. Computer Graphics FORUM (Proceedings of Eurographics'92) Vol 11, No 3 pp 311-320 Oxford University Press [More Details].


Inverse Displacement Mapping
Patterson,J.W. Hoggar,S.G. Logie,J.R. Computer Graphics FORUM Vol 10 No 2 pp 129-139 North-Holland [More Details].