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Sharing the square: collaborative leisure in the city streets
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Mobile Pollution Mapping in the City
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Sharing photos and recommendations in the city streets
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Children as Photographers: an Analysis of Children?s Photographic Behaviour and Intentions at Three Age Levels
Sharples,M. Davison,L. Thomas,G.V.
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Supporting Learning in Conversations using Personal Technologies
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Developing the 'Future Technology Workshop' method
Vavoula,G.N. Sharples,M. Rudman,P.D. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Interaction Design and Children, Aug 28-29, Eindhoven, The Netherlands [More Details].


Supporting Conversations with Vicarious Learning using Personal Technologies
Rudman,P.D. Proceedings of Interact 2001, Jul 9-13, Tokyo, Japan IOS Press [More Details].