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An Event Service Supporting Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems for e-Health
Badr,N. Dulay,N. Heeps,S. Lupu,E. Sloman,M. Sventek,J. 26th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops (ICDCS Workshops 2006) pp 22 -- 27 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Self-Managed Cells and their Federation
Sventek,J.S. Badr,N. Dulay,N. Heeps,S. Lupu,E. Sloman,M. Workshop Proceedings of the 17th Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'05) Springer Verlag [More Details].


A Deliberative Model for Self-Adaptation Middleware Using Architectural
Badr,N. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Randles,M. Reilly,R. Proceedings of the 15th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA’04) pp 5 [More Details].

Policy-Based Autonomic Control Service
Badr,N. Reilly,D. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (POLICY’04) pp 4 [More Details].


From Component-Based to Service-Based Distributed Applications Assembly and Management
Grishikashvili,E. Reilly,D.
Badr,N. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Proceedings 29th EUROMICRO CONFERENCE, Antalya, Turkey, September 2003. [More Details].

Service-Oriented Approach for Distributed application Assembly and Management
Grishikashvili,E. Badr,N. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Processing of 4th Annual Postgraduate Symposium on The Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking & Broadcasting (PGNet2003), Liverpool, U.K., June, 2003 [More Details].


Adaptation Engine: an Agent-Based Framework for ad-hoc Service Life-Cycle Management for Meta-Computing
Allen,M. Grishikashvili,E.
Badr,N. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Processing of AISP symposium on (IA and Grid Computing) imperial college London 2002 [More Details].

An Instrumentation and Control-based Approach for Distributed Application Management and Adaptation
Reilly,D. Badr,N. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Laws,A. Proceedings of ACM SIGSOFT Workshop on Self-Healing Systems (WOSS’02), Charleston, USA [More Details].

Autonomic computing: A Service-Oriented Framework to Support the Development and Management of Distributed Applications
Grishikashvili,E. Badr,N. Reilly,D. Allen,M. Yu,M. Taleb-Bendiab,A. [More Details].

A Conflict Resolution Control Architecture for Self-Adaptive
Badr,N. Reilly,D. Taleb-Bendiab,A. Proceedings of International Workshop on Architecting Dependable Systems WADS 2002 (ICSE 2002), Orlando, Florida [More Details].