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Protein Interaction Detection in Sentences via Gaussian Processes: A preliminary evaluation
Polajnar,T. Rogers,S. Girolami,M. International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformatics [More Details].


Semi-Parametric Analysis of Multi-Rater Data
Girolami,M. Polajnar,T. Statistics and Computing Springer [More Details].

Infinite Factorization of Multiple Non-parametric Views
Rogers,S.D. Klami,A. Sinkkonen,J. Girolami,M.A. Kaski,S. Machine Learning Springer [More Details].

Classification of Protein Interaction Sentences via Gaussian Processes
Polajnar,T. Rogers,S. Girolami,M. Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, Proceedings of 4th IAPR International Conference, Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics 2009 pp 282–292 Springer Verlag [More Details].

Probabilistic assignment of formulas to mass peaks in metabolomics experiments
Rogers,S. Scheltema,R. Girolami,M.A. Breitling,R. Bioinformatics, 25(4) pp 512--518 Oxford University Press [More Details].


An Evaluation of Gaussian Processes for Sentence Classification and Protein Interaction Detection
Polajnar,T. Rogers,S. Girolami,M. DCS Technical Report Series Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Investigating the correspondence between transcriptomic and proteomic expression profiles using coupled cluster models
Rogers,S.D. Girolami,M.A. Kolch,W. Waters,K.M. Liu,T. Thrall,B. Wiley,H.S. Bioinformatics, Volume 24, Number 24 pp pages 2894–2900 Oxford University Press [More Details].


Bayesian model-based inference of transcription factor activity
Rogers,S. Khanin,R.
Girolami,M. BMC Bioinformatics pp 8 Suppl 2:S2 [More Details].

Multi-class semi-supervised learning with the e-truncated multinomial probit Gaussian process
Rogers,S. Girolami,M. Proceeding of the Gaussian Processes in Practice Workshop, 2006 [More Details].


Variational Bayesian Multinomial Probit Regression with Gaussian Process Priors
Girolami,M.A. Rogers,S. Neural Computation, Volume 18, Number 8, pages 1790 - 1817. pp 28 MIT Press
[More Details].

Identification of Prognostic Signatures in Breast Cancer Microarray Data using Bayesian Techniques
Carrivick,L. Rogers,S. Clark,J. Campbell,C. Girolami,M. Cooper,C. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol.3, No.8. pp 367-381 [More Details].


Disease Classification with Capillary Electrophoresis:Mass Spectrometry
Girolami,M. Krebs,R. Mischak,H. International Conference for Advances in Pattern Recognition, Bath 2005 [More Details].

The Latent Process Decomposition of cDNA Microarray Datasets
Rogers,S. Girolami,M. Campbell,C. Breitling,R. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Volume 2, Number 2. pp 143-156 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Hierarchic Bayesian Models for Kernel Learning
Girolami,M. Rogers,S. Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Machine Learning pp 8 [More Details].

A Bayesian Regression Approach to the Inference of Regulatory Networks from Gene Expression Data
Rogers,S. Girolami,M. Bioinformatics, Vol 21, Nos 14, pp 313 - 3137. Oxford University Press [More Details].