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On the Impact of Early Warning Collision Avoidance Information through Prototype Head-Up Display for Older Drivers
Charissis,V. Vlachos,G.
Arafat,S. Proceedings of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress 2011 [More Details].

Senses in which Quantum Theory is an Analogy for Information Retrieval and Science
Arafat,S. Proceedings of the Fifth Quantum Interaction Symposium (QI 2011), 27-29 June 2011, Aberdeen, Scotland. Vol 7052. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) ed.; 2011. pp 161-71 Springer [More Details].


Early Notification Warning System for Prototype Head-Up Display: Development and Evaluation of Traffic Congestion and Sharp Turn Warnings
Charissis,V. Vlachos,G. Chan,W.
Arafat,S. Proceedings of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress 2010 [More Details].


On the Impact of User’s Computer Knowledge on Driving Simulation Test Results - HUD Simulation Case Study
Charissis,V. Naef,M.
Arafat,S. Vlachos,G. Proceedings of the European Annual Conference on Human Decision-Making and Manual Control [More Details].


Quantum Theory and the Nature of Search
Arafat,S. van Rijsbergen,C.J. Proceedings of the AAAI Quantum Interaction Symposium [More Details].


Driving Simulator for Head-Up Display Evaluation: Driver's Response Time on Accident Simulation Cases
Arafat,S. Chan,W. Christomanos,C. Driving Simulation Conference, DSC Asia/Pacific 2006, Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan [More Details].


Formalising Evaluation in Information Retrieval
Arafat,S. van Rijsbergen,K. Jose,J. Proceedings of the CoLIS 5 Workshop on Evaluating User Studies in Information Access [More Details].