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Towards a Grid-Enabled Simulation Framework for Nano-CMOS Electronics
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Cross-Layer Peer-to-Peer Traffic Identification and Optimization Based on Active Networking
Dedinski,I. DeMeer,H.
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The research of relationship between self-similar of TCP and network performance
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The DWMM network traffic model
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A network traffic model based on the cascade process
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A new multifractal network traffic model
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Application of the methodology combined formal method with Object-Oriented technology in E-commerce
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A new multifractal traffic model based on the wavelet transform
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The characterizing network traffic based on the wavelet technique
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Measurement and analysis of IP network traffic
Cen,Z. Gao,C. Cong,S.
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Questions considered in object-oriented software quality metrics based on Java environment,
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Neural network applied to the prediction of the failure stress for pressurized cylinders containing defects
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On Zero-symmetric BZ-algebras
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