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2009 2008


Facet-based Browsing in Video Retrieval: A Simulation-based Evaluation
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Aspect-based Video Browsing - A User Study
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Supporting Aspect-Based Video Browsing -- Analysis of a User Study
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Simulated Evaluation of Faceted Browsing based on Feature Selection
Hopfgartner,F. Urruty,T. Bermejo Lopez,P. Villa,R. Jose,J.M. Multimedia Tools and Applications: Special Issue on Emerging Multimedia Applications Springer Verlag [More Details].


An Efficient Indexing Struture for Multimedia Data
Urruty,T. Djeraba,C. Jose,J.M. ACM MIR 08 [More Details].

A Cluster-based Simulation of Facet-based Search
Urruty,T. Hopfgartner,F. Villa,R. Gildea,N. Jose,J.M. JCDL'08 - Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries pp 472 ACM Press [More Details].

Exploiting Log Files in Video Retrieval
Hopfgartner,F. Urruty,T. Villa,R. Gildea,N. Jose,J.M. Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Pittsburgh pp 454 ACM Press [More Details].

Feature Subset Selection for Efficient Indexing,
Urruty,T. Bermejo,P. 3rd International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies, SAMT 2008, Koblenz, Germany. [More Details].