Computing at Glasgow University

Publications for 'Dr Benjamin Piwowarski' ordered by Year. (4)

2009 2008 2007


Riemannian Manifold Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
Girolami,M. Calderhead,B. Chin,S. DCS Technical Report Series pp 35 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Movie Recommender: Semantically Enriched Unified Relevance Model for Rating Prediction in Collaborative Filtering
Moshfeghi,Y. Agarwal,D. Piwowarski,B. Jose,J.M. ECIR '09: European Conference on Information Retrieval Springer [More Details].


Sound and Complete Relevance Assessment for XML Retrieval
Piwowarski,B. Trotman,A. Lalmas,M. ACM Transactions in Information Systems, 27(1), Article 1, 37 pages ACM Press [More Details].


INEX 2006 evaluation measures
Lalmas,M. Kazai,G. Kamps,J. Pehcevski,J. Piwowarski,B. Robertson,S. Comparative Evaluation of XML Information Retrieval Systems: Fifth Workshop of the INitiative for the Evaluation of XML Retrieval (INEX 2006) pp 20-34 LNCS, Springer [More Details].