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Dynamic On-line Object Update in the Grumps System
Evans,J.H. [More Details].

Peer-to-Peer Programming with Teaq
Evans,J.H. Dickman,P. Web Engineering and Peer-to-Peer Computing (workshops at Networking 2002) LNCS 2376 pp 289-294 LNCS, Springer [More Details].


GRUMPS Summer Anthology, 2001
Atkinson,M. Brown,M. Cargill,J. Crease,M. Draper,S.
Evans,J.H. Gray,P. Mitchell,C. Ritchie,M. Thomas,R. Academic Press [More Details].


JavaCloak: Engineering Java Proxy Objects using Reflection.
Evans,J.H. Messekongresszentrum Erfurt, Germany. October 9-12, 2000. Academic Press [More Details].

Why Object Serialization is Inappropriate for Providing Persistence in Java
Evans,J.H. [More Details].


The DRASTIC Approach to Software Evolution
Evans,J.H. Change'99 Software Evolution, ICSE Workshop pp 89-94 Universita degli Studi del Sannio [More Details].

Zones, Contracts and Absorbing Change: An Approach to Software Evolution
Evans,J.H. Dickman,P.W. Proceedings of OOPSLA'99 (ACM Conference on Object Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications). Published as ACM SigPlan Notices. Volume 34 No. 10 pp 415-433 ACM Press [More Details].


Porting a Distributed System to PJama: Orthogonal Persistence for Java
Evans,J.H. Spence,S. 3rd International Workshop on Persistence and Java pp 297-306 Morgan Kaufmann [More Details].

Managing Run-Time Evolution of Distributed Systems (Poster)
Dickman,P.W. Evans,J.H. Middleware'98 (IFIP International Conference in Distributed Systems Platforms and Open Distributed Processing) [More Details].


Supporting Software Evolution in a Distributed, Persistent System
Evans,J.H. Dickman,P.W. 2nd European Research Seminar on Advances in Distributed Systems pp 147-152 [More Details].

Garbage Collection and Memory Management (Workshop report)
Evans,J.H. Dickman,P.W. Addendum to the Proceedings of OOPSLA'97 pp 138--143 ACM Press [More Details].