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Gaussian Processes: Prediction at a noisy input and application to iterative multiple-step ahead forecasting of time-series
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Approximate Methods for Propagation of Uncertainty with Gaussian Process Models
Girard,A. PhD. Thesis Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Dynamic Systems Identification with Gaussian Processes
Kocijan,J. Girard,A. Blanko,B. Murray-Smith,R. Mathematical and Computer Modelling of Dynamical Systems [More Details].

Gaussian Process Model Based Predictive Control
Kocijan,J. Murray-Smith,R. Rasmussen,C. Girard,A. American Control Conference, Boston [More Details].


A case based comparison of identification with neural networks and Gaussian Process models
Kocijan,J. Banko,B. Likar,B.
Girard,A. Murray-Smith,R. Rasmussen,C.E. IFAC International Conference on Intelligent Control Systems and Signal Processing Faro, Portugal, April 08-11, 2003 International Federation of Automatic Control [More Details].

Dynamic systems identification with Gaussian Processes
Kocijan,J. Girard,A. Banko,B. Murray-Smith,R. 4th Mathmod conference, Vienna Int. Association. for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation [More Details].

Adaptive, Cautious, Predictive control with Gaussian Process priors
Murray-Smith,R. Sbarbaro,D. Rasmussen,C.E. Girard,A. International Symposium on System Identification IFAC [More Details].

Learning a Gaussian Process Model with Uncertain Inputs
Girard,A. Murray-Smith,R. DCS Tech Report pp 10 [More Details].

Gaussian Process Priors With Uncertain Inputs: Application to Multiple-Step Ahead Time Series Forecasting
Girard,A. Rasmussen,C.E. Quinonero-Candela,J. Murray-Smith,R. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 15, Vancouver MIT Press [More Details].

Incorporating linear local models in Gaussian process model
Kocijan,J. Girard,A. Leith,D.J. Institute Jozef Stefan Technical report, 8895 [More Details].


Gaussian Process priors with uncertain inputs: Multiple-step-ahead prediction
Girard,A. Rasmussen,C. Murray-Smith,R. DCS Tech Report [More Details].

Gaussian Process Priors with Uncertain Inputss: Multiple-Step-Ahead Prediction
Girard,A. Rasmussen,C. Murray-Smith,R. DCS Tech Report [More Details].


Gaussian Process priors with ARMA noise models
Murray-Smith,R. Girard,A. Irish Signals and Systems Conference, p147-153, Maynooth, 2001. pp 147-153 [More Details].