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VisGenome and Ensembl: Usability of Integrated Genome Maps
Hunt,E. McClure,J. Chalmers,M. McBride,M. Dominiczak,A.F. DILS proceedings pp 77-91 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

CartoonPlus: A New Scaling Algorithm for Genomics Data
Jakubowska,J. Hunt,E. Chalmers,M. ICCS proceedings pp 158-167 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

VisGenome with CartoonPlus: a New Scaling Algorithm for Genomics Data
Jakubowska,J. Hunt,E. Chalmers,M. DILS - poster/demo [More Details].


VisGenome: visualization of single and comparative genome representations
Hunt,E. Chalmers,M. McBride,M. Dominiczak,A.F. Bioinformatics, Vol. 23 no. 19 2007, pages 2641–2642 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btm394 pp 2 [More Details].

CartoonPlus: A new Scaling Algorithm for Genomics Data
Jakubowska,J. Hunt,E. Chalmers,M. DCS Technical Report Series pp 10 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Usability of VisGenome and Ensembl - A User Study
Jakubowska,J. McClure,J. Hunt,E. Chalmers,M. DCS Technical Report Series pp 50 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].


Domino: Exploring Mobile Collaborative Software Adaptation
Bell,M. Hall,M. Chalmers,M. Gray,P. Brown,B. Proc. Pervasive 2006 Springer Verlag
[More Details].

Supporting Ethnographic Studies of Ubiquitous Computing in the Wild
Crabtree,M. Benford,S. Greenhalgh,C. Tennent,P. Chalmers,M. Proc. ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) ACM [More Details].

Ubiquitous Computing: Experience, Design and Science
Chalmers,D. Chalmers,M. Crowcroft,J. Kwiatkowska,M. Milner,R. O'Neill,E. Rodden,T. Sassone,V. Sloman,M. Grand Challenge Conference [More Details].

Interweaving Mobile Games with Everyday Life
Bell,M. Chalmers,M. Barkhuus,L. Hall,M. Sherwood,S. Tennent,P. Brown,B. Rowland,D. Benford,S. Capra,M. Hampshire,A. Proc. ACM CHI pp 417-426 ACM [More Details].

Granularity of genomics data in genome visualisation
Jakubowska,J. Hunt,E. Chalmers,M.J. DCS Technical Report Series pp 10 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].


Gaming on the Edge: Using Seams in Pervasive Games
Chalmers,M. Bell,M. Brown,B. Hall,M. Sherwood,S. Tennent,P. Pervasive 2005 workshop on Pervasive Games (PerGames 2005)
[More Details].

Picking Pockets on the Lawn: The Development of Tactics and Strategies in a Mobile Game
Barkhuus,M. Chalmers,M. Hall,M. Tennent,P. Bell,M. Sherwood,S. Brown,B. Proc. Ubicomp pp 358-374 Springer [More Details].

Delivering Real-World Ubiquitous Location Systems
Borriello,G. Chalmers,M. LaMarca,A. Nixon,P. Communications of the ACM Association of Computing Machinery [More Details].

Sharing the square: collaborative leisure in the city streets
Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Bell,M. MacColl,I. Rudman,P. European Conf. Computer Supported Collaborative Work Kluwer [More Details].

Mobile Pollution Mapping in the City
Rudman,P. North,S. Chalmers,M. Proc. UK-UbiNet workshop on eScience and ubicomp [More Details].

Recording and Understanding Mobile People and Mobile Technology
Tennent,P. Chalmers,M. 1st Intl. Conf. on e-Social Science [More Details].

Gaming on the Edge: Using Seams in Ubicomp Games
Chalmers,M. Bell,M. Brown,B. Hall,M. Sherwood,S. Tennent,P. Proc. ACM Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE) ACM [More Details].

Sharing photos and recommendations in the city streets
Bell,M. Chalmers,M. Brown,B. MacColl,I. Hall,M. Rudman,P. Pervasive 2005 Workshop on Exploting Context Histories in Smart Environments (ECHISE) [More Details].

Blurring boundaries for museum visitors
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. In: Museum Informatics, Marty, P. and K. Jones (eds) Taylor and Francis [More Details].

Using Peer-to-Peer Ad Hoc Networks for Play and Leisure
Chalmers,M. Bell,M. Brown,B. Hall,M. Sherwood,S. Tennent,P. Proc. UK-UbiNet workshop, Bath [More Details].

Three Applications for Mobile Epidemic Algorithms
Tennent,P. Hall,M. Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Sherwood,S. Proc. Mobile HCI pp 223-236 Springer Verlag [More Details].


City: A Mixture of Old and New Media
Chalmers,M. Inhabited Information Spaces (Snowdon, Churchill & Frecon, eds.) pp 71-88 Springer
[More Details].

Coordinating Components for Visualisation and Algorithmic Profiling
Ross,G. Morrison,A.J. Chalmers,M. Proc. Coordinated & Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization (CMV 2004) pp 3-14 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Production of Pace as Collaborative Activity
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. Proc. ACM CHI 2004, Vienna pp 1417-1420 ACM [More Details].

Social navigation and seamful design
Chalmers,M. Dieberger,A. Höök,K. Rudström,Å. Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 11(3) pp 1-11 [More Details].

Seamful Interweaving: Heterogeneity in the Design of Interactive Systems
Chalmers,M. Galani,A. Proc. ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2004, Cambridge USA. pp 243-252 ACM [More Details].

Coupling and Heterogeneity in Ubiquitous Computing
Chalmers,M. ACM CHI 2004 Workshop 'Reflective HCI: Towards a Critical Technical Practice' [More Details].

Empowering the Remote Visitor: Supporting Social Museum Experiences among Local and Remote Visitors
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. Proc. 2nd Intl. Conference of Museology (ICM), Mytiline, Greece [More Details].

Equator: Mixing Media and Showing Seams
Chalmers,M. Proc. Interaction Homme-Machine (IHM), Namur, Belgium [More Details].

A Pivot-Based Routine for Improved Parent-Finding in Hybrid MDS
Morrison,A.J. Chalmers,M. Information Visualization 3(2) pp 109-122 [More Details].

Space/Place Reconsidered
Chalmers,M. Proc. 2nd Workshop on Space and Spatiality, Napier University, December 2004 [More Details].

Textile Tools for Wearable Computing
Randell,C. Baurley,S. Chalmers,M. Muller,H. Proc. 1st International Forum on Applied Wearable Computing (IFAWC 2004), TZI, Bremen pp 63-74 [More Details].

A Historical View of Context
Chalmers,M. J. CSCW 13(3) pp 223-247 Kluwer [More Details].

Models of Space in a Mixed-Reality System
Steed,A. MacColl,I. Randell,C. Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Greenhalgh,C. Proc. Symposium on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Information Visualisation 2004 (IV2004), London [More Details].

Hermeneutics, Information and Representation
Chalmers,M. European Journal of Information Systems 13(3) pp 210-220 MacMillan [More Details].


Lessons from the Lighthouse: Collaboration in a Shared Mixed Reality System
Brown,B. MacColl,I. Chalmers,M.
Galani,A. Randell,C. Steed,A. Proc. CHI 2003 pp 577-584 ACM [More Details].

Fast Multidimensional Scaling through Sampling, Springs and Interpolation
Morrison,A.J. Ross,G. Chalmers,M. J. Information Visualization [More Details].

Tourism and Mobile Technology
Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Proc. Euro. Conf. Computer Supported Cooperative Work (ECSCW 2003) Kluwer [More Details].

Close at hand but far away: Shared mixed reality museum experiences for local and remote museum companions
Galani,M. Chalmers,M. Proc. International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting (ICHIM) Archives and Museum Informatics [More Details].

A Visual Workspace for Hybrid Multidimensional Scaling Algorithms
Ross,G. Chalmers,M. IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization pp 91-96 IEEE [More Details].

Seamful Design: Showing the Seams in Wearable Computing
Chalmers,M. MacColl,I. Bell,M. Proc. IEE Eurowearable 2003 pp 11-17 IEE [More Details].

A Visual Workspace for Constructing Hybrid MDS Algorithms and Coordinating Multiple Views
Ross,G. Chalmers,M. Information Visualization pp 247-257 MacMillan [More Details].

Improving Hybrid MDS with Pivot-Based Searching
Morrison,A.J. Chalmers,M. Symposium on Information Visualization pp 152-160 IEEE [More Details].

Awareness, Representation and Interpretation
Chalmers,M. J. Computer Supported Collaborative Computing pp 389-409 Kluwer [More Details].

Chalmers,M. Invited talk at VIPER Basel International Festival for Film, Video and New Media, 2003. [More Details].

The Equator 'City' Project
Chalmers,M. Proc 1st UK-UbiNet Workshop, Imperial College, London [More Details].

Seamful Design and Ubicomp Infrastructure
Chalmers,M. Proc. Ubicomp 2003 Workshop 'At the Crossroads: The Interaction of HCI and Systems Issues in UbiComp' [More Details].

The City Project
Chalmers,M. Invited talk at 'Architecture Parallax' conference, Barcelona, Nov. 2003 [More Details].

Developing a mixed reality co-visiting experience for local and remote museum companions
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. Brown,B. MacColl,I. Randell,C. Steed,A. Proceedings of HCI International 2003 pp 1143-1147 [More Details].


Can You See Me?: Exploring co-visiting between physical and virtual visitors
Galani,A. Chalmers,M. Proc. Museums and the Web 2002 pp 31-40 Archives and Museum Informatics [More Details].

Seamful ubiquity: Beyond seamless integration
MacColl,I. Chalmers,M. Rogers,Y. Smith,H. Proc. Ubicomp 2002 Workshop on Models and Concepts for Ubiquitous Computing [More Details].

A Hybrid Layout Algorithm for Sub-Quadratic Multidimensional Scaling
Morrison,A.J. Ross,G. Chalmers,M. IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (Boston, USA) pp 152-160 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Shared Visiting in Equator City
MacColl,I. Millard,D. Randell,C. Steed,A. Brown,B. Chalmers,M. Benford,S. ACM Conf. on Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVE2002) pp 88-94 ACM [More Details].


Paths and Contextually Specific Recommendations
Chalmers,M. Proc. DELOS/NSF Workshop on Personalisation and Recommender Systems in Digital Libraries, Dublin, June 2001
[More Details].

GIST: the Glasgow Interactive Systems group
Chalmers,M. Proc. Human Computer Interaction/Interaction Homme-Machine, Lille British Computer Society [More Details].

Place, Media and Activity
Chalmers,M. ECSCW 2001 'Work/Place' Workshop [More Details].

Theory and Practice in the 'City' Project
Chalmers,M. Proc. Conf. for Content Integrated Research in Creative User Systems (CIRCUS 2001), Glasgow, September 2001. Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

Organising and Accessing Physical and Digital Objects
Chalmers,M. Proc. Meme Media Workshop, U. Hokkaido, Japan, March 2001. [More Details].

Combining and comparing clustering and layout algorithms
Morrison,A.J. Ross,G. Chalmers,M. DCS Tech Report pp 9 [More Details].


Comparing Information Access Approaches
Chalmers,M. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, Volume 15, No. 12 pp 1108-1118
[More Details].

Structuralist Informatics: Challenging Positivism in Information Systems
Chalmers,M. Proceedings of the Conference of the UK Academy of Information Science pp 13-22 McGraw Hill [More Details].

Informatics, Architecture and Language
Chalmers,M. Social Navigation of Information Space pp 55-79 Springer [More Details].

Information Visualisation
Chalmers,M. Tutorial given at the 21st Very Large Database Conference (Edinburgh) Academic Press [More Details].

Paths through the Web: Collaborative Wayfinding in Information Spaces
Chalmers,M. Invited Presentation, Scope 1: Information vs. Meaning (Vienna) [More Details].

Recer: Social Navigation based on Subjectivity and Context
Chalmers,M. Preferred Placement - The Jan Van Eyck Academy Fellowship Symposium, (Amsterdam) [More Details].


The Order of Things: Activity-Centred Information Access
Chalmers,M. Rodden,K. Brodbeck,D. Special Issue with Proceedings of the 7th World Wide Web Conference, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, Volume 30 pp 359-367
[More Details].


Domesticating Bead: Adapting an Information Visualization System to a Financial Institution
Brodbeck,D. Chalmers,M. Lunzer,A. Cotture,P. Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization pp 73-80
[More Details].

Visualising Financial Information
Chalmers,M. Invited Presentation, Proceedings of CODATA Euro-American Workshop on Information ans Data Visualization (Paris) [More Details].


Pearls, Swine and Pigs' Ears: Interface Research Inside a Multinational Bank
Chalmers,M. Proceedings of the 14th British National Conference on Databases;MORRISON,R.;KENNEDY,J. (editors); Keynote Presentation Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 1094 pp 222-229 Springer
[More Details].

Interface Design: More Craft than Science?
Chalmers,M. Proceedings of the BCS Conference on Interfaces to Database Systems Springer [More Details].

A Linear Iteration Time Layout Algorithm for Visualising High-Dimensional Data
Chalmers,M. Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization Conference pp 127-132 [More Details].

Adding Imageability Features to Information Displays
Chalmers,M. Ingram,R. Pfranger,C. Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology pp 33-39 ACM [More Details].

Visualising Complex Information
Chalmers,M. Panel Presentation at the 59th Annual Conference of the American Society for Information Systems (Baltimore) [More Details].

Where is Information Visualization Going?
Chalmers,M. Panel Presentation, Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (Seattle) pp 76- ACM [More Details].

Designing Landscape Visualisations for Imageability
Chalmers,M. Position paper, 3rd EC FADIVA Information Visualisation Workshop (Gubbio) [More Details].

Using Usage Information
Chalmers,M. Position paper, Proceedings of the BCS HCI/IR Workshop (Glasgow University) pp 8-10 [More Details].

Using Usage Information in Collaborative Information Environments
Chalmers,M. Position paper, Proceedings of the Collaborative Virtual Environments Workshop: CVE96 (Nottingham University) [More Details].

Bead: Using Time and Person in Information Visualisation
Chalmers,M. Position paper, Workshop on Visual Information Retrieval Interfaces, ACM SIGIR '96 (Zurich) [More Details].

Information Visualisation
Chalmers,M. [More Details].