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Self-Correction of 3D Reconstruction from Multi-view Stereo Images
JU,X. Siebert,J.P. The 2009 IEEE International Workshop on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling,October 3-4, 2009 Kyoto, Japan.(held in conjunction with ICCV 2009) [More Details].


Ham Volume Measurement of Live Pigs Using 3D Stereo Photogrammetry
Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. McFarlane,N.J.B. Tillett,R.D. Journal of Experimental Mechanics, Vol. 22, No. 4, August 2007 [More Details].


A Resolution-Independent Image Representation for Digital Cinema
Brugnot,S. Ju,X. Cockshott,P. Siebert,P. WSCG'2006 conference proceedings [More Details].

Constructing Dense Correspondences for the Analysis of 3D Facial Morphology
Mao,Z. Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Cockshott,W.P. Ayoub,A.F. Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 27, Issue 6 (15 April 2006) pp 597-608 Elsevier Science [More Details].


Shape measurements of live pigs using 3D image capture
McFarlane,N.J.B. Wu,J. Tillett,R.D. Schofield,C.P.
Siebert,J.P. Ju,X. Journal of Animal Science [More Details].


3D thermography imaging standardization technique for inflammation diagnosis
Ju,X. Nebel,J.C. Siebert,J.P. Photonics Asia 2004, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 5640-46, 8-12 November 2004, Beijing, China pp 5640-46 Society of photo optical instrumentation engineers [More Details].

A Stereo Imaging System for the Metric 3D Recovery of Porcine Surface Anatomy
Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. McFarlane,N. Wu,J. Tillett,R. Schofield,P. Sensor Review 24(3) 2004 pp 298-307 [More Details].

Extracting morphological data from 3D images of pigs
Tillett,R.D. McFarlane,N.J.B. Wu,J. Schofield,C.P. Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Ag Eng 2004, Leuven, Belgium pp 203-222 [More Details].

A system for 3D imaging of pig shape for conformation assessment
Tillett,R.D. McFarlane,N.J.B. Wu,J. Schofield,C.P. Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Proceedings of the British Society of Animal Science, 5-7 April University of York [More Details].

The PGP Grid Project
Cockshott,W.P. Yarmolenko,V. Mackenzie,L. Borland,E. Graham,P. Ju,X. All Hands Conference, Nottingham [More Details].

Applying Mesh Conformation on Shape Analysis with Missing Data
Ju,X. Mao,Z. Siebert,J.P. McFarlane,N. Wu,J. Tillett,R. 2nd International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization, and Transmission, 3DPVT 2004 pp 696 - 702 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Integration of Range Images of Multi-View Stereo System,
Ju,X. Boyling,T. Siebert,J.P. McFarlane,N. Wu,J. Tillett,R. 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR2004, vol 4. pp 280-283 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

Extracting the Three-dimensional Shape of Live Pigs Using Stereo photogrammetry
Wu,J. Tillett,T. McFarlane,N. Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Schofield,P. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 44, Issue 3, September 2004 pp 203-222 Elsevier Science [More Details].


A High Resolution Stereo Imaging System
Ju,X. Boyling,T. Siebert,J.P. 3D Modelling 2003, Paris, 23-24 April. [More Details].

V-Man Generation for 3-D Real Time Animation
Nebel,J-C. Sibiryakov,A. Ju,X. Symposium on Intelligent Motion and Interaction Within Virtual Environments, IMIVE2003, London, 15-17 September. [More Details].

A New Automated Workflow for 3D Character Creation Based on 3D Scanned Data
Sibiryakov,A. Ju,X. Nebel,J-C. LNCS, 2nd International Conference on Virtual Storytelling pp 135-145 Springer Verlag [More Details].

Three Dimensional Imaging of Pigs
Wu,J. Tillet,R. McFarlane,N. Schofield,P. Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Taking Science to Parliament: the 2003 great British research and R&D show, 17 march 2003 [More Details].


Individualising Human Animation Models
Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Eurographics 2001 (Short Presentation), Manchester, UK, 2001 [More Details].

Conformation from generic animatable models to 3D scanned data,
Ju,X. Siebert,J.P. Proc. 6th Numérisation 3D/Scanning 2001 Congress, Paris, France, 2001. pp 239-244 [More Details].


Automatic Segmentation of 3D Human Body Scans
Ju,X. Werghi,N. Siebert,J.P. IASTED International Conference on Computer Graphics and Imaging 2000 (CGIM 2000), 19-23 Nov. 2000, Las Vegas, USA, pp 239-244, ISBN 0-88986-310-5 pp 239-244 [More Details].


Facial Shape Recovery By Feature Driven Stereo Analysis.
Ju,X. and Naftel,A. 10th BMVC99, 13-16 September 1999, 533-542. [More Details].


Active Shape Model-Assisted Least Squares Stereo Matching for Recovery of Facial Shape
Ju,X. and Naftel,A. Non-linear Model Based Image Analysis, NMBIA'98 pp 46-51 [More Details].


Application of liquid crystals to particle image Velocimetry.
Ju,X. Jambunathan,K. and Wu,X. Proceeding of Optical Methods And Data Processing in Heat And Fluid Flow. London, UK, Apr 18-19, 81-89, 1996 [More Details].


An Improved Cross-Correlation technique for Particle Image Velocimetry.
Ju,X. Dobbins,B.N. Ashforth-Frost,S. Measurement Science and Technology 6(5) 507-514, 1995. pp 507-514 [More Details].


An optical method to measure the shape of free-surface of a liquid bridge..
Shu,J.Z. YAO,Y.L. Hu,W.R. XIE,J.C. and Ju,X. Recent Advances in Experimental Fluid Mechanics. 539-543. 1992. pp 539-543
[More Details].