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Design Guidelines for Audio Presentation of Graphs and Tables
Brewster,S.A. Ramloll,R. Burton,M. Riedel,B. ICAD 2003 Workshop on Auditory Displays In Assistive Technologies, Boston, M.A. International Conference on Auditory Display [More Details].


Browsing Modes For Exploring Sonified Line Graphs
Brown,L. Brewster,S. Ramloll,R. Yu,W. Riedel,B. In Vol II Proceedings of British HCI (London, UK) pp 6-9 British Computer Society [More Details].

A Generic Approach for Augmenting Tactile Diagrams with Spatial Non-Speech Sounds
Ramloll,R. Brewster,S.A. pp 770-771 Academic Press [More Details].

An Environment for Studying the Impact of Spatialising Sonified Graphs on Data Comprehension
Ramloll,R. Brewster,S.A. Information Visualisation 2002 (London, UK) IEEE [More Details].


Using Non-speech Sounds to Improve Access to 2D Tabular Numerical Information for Visually Impaired Users
Ramloll,R. Yu,W. Riedel,B.
Brewster,S.A. Proceedings of IHM-HCI 2001 (Lille, France), Springer. Springer [More Details].

Exploring computer-generated line graphs through virtual touch.
Yu,W. Ramloll,R. Brewster,S.A. Riedel,B. Accepted for publication in IEEE ISSPA 2001 (Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia), IEEE IEEE [More Details].

Haptic graphs for blind computer users
Yu,W. Ramloll,R. BrewsterS.A.,R. Haptic Human-Computer Interaction. Brewster, S.A. and Murray-Smith, R. (Eds.),Springer LNCS,Vol 2058 pp 41-51 Springer [More Details].


Constructing Sonified Haptic Line Graphs for the Blind Student: First Steps
Ramloll,R. Yu,W.
Brewster,S.A. Riedel,B. Burton,A.M. Dimigen,G. In Proceedings of ACM Assets 2000 (Arlington, VA), ACM Press, pp 17-25. Academic Press [More Details].

Haptic graphs for blind computer users
Yu,W. Ramloll,R. Brewster,S.A. Proceedings of the First Workshop on Haptic Human-Computer Interaction pp 102-107 Academic Press [More Details].


Moksha: Exploring Ubiquity in Event Filtration-Control at the Multi-user Desktop
Ramloll,R. Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on work Activities Co-ordination and Collaboration (Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco) pp 207-216 ACM Press
[More Details].

Why Seek Ubiquitous Event-Filtration Control at the Multi-user Desktop?
Ramloll,R. Proceedings of Implementing Tailorability in groupware Workshop, San Francisco [More Details].


Do Localised Auditory Cues in Group Drawing Environments Matter?
Ramloll,R. Proceedings of The International Conference on Auditory Display 1998, ICAD'98, Glasgow
[More Details].

The Role of Reactive Typography in the Design of Flexible Hypertext Documents
Ramloll,R. Proceedings of the Workshop on Re-use of Web Information, held in conjunction with the 7th WWW Conference (Brisbane, Australia) pp 91-97 CSIRO Mathematical and Information Services [More Details].


Navigational Agents for Large Scale Virtual Worlds
Ramloll,R. ECSCW'97 Conference Supplement, Lancaster, UK pp 55-57
[More Details].