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An Investigation of Active Reception Mechanisms for Echolocators
Walker,V.A. Peremans,H. Hallam,J.C.T. Advances in Biological Sonar [More Details].

Non-Visual Interfaces for Wearable Computers
Brewster,S.A. Walker,V.A. IEE Workshop on wearable Computing (00/145) IEE [More Details].


Virtual Acoustic Displays ? an overview of audio spatialization techniques and tools
Walker,V.A. DCS Tech Report [More Details].


Good vibrations: Exploiting reflector motion to partition an acoustic environment
Walker,V.A. Peremans,H. Hallam,J.C.T. Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, volume 24 [More Details].

3D object localisation with a binaural sonarhead, inspirations from Biology
Peremans,H. Walker,V.A. Hallam,J.C.T. Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation [More Details].

Evolving batline pinnae for target localisation by echolocation
Peremans,H. Walker,V.A. Papadopoulos,G. Allam,J.C.T. J.C.T., Proceedings of the International Conference on Evolveable Hardware Systems [More Details].

One tone, two ears, three dimensions: A robotic investigation of pinnae movements used by rhinolophid and hipposiderid bats
Peremans,H. Walker,V.A. Hallam,J.C.T. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, volume 108 [More Details].


A bionic sonarhead
Walker,V.A. Hallam,J.C.T. Bioacoustics, volume 8 [More Details].

An investigation of qualitative echolocation strategies in synthetic bats and real robots
Walker,V.A. [More Details].


HIPR: Hypermedia Image Processing Reference
Fisher,R.B. Perkins,S.
Walker,V.A. Wolfart,E. CDrom [More Details].