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A Model Driven Architecture and Toolset for Building Immersive Software Engineering Teaching Tools
Cooper,R.L. Zhao,L. Wang,C. European Conference on Electronic Learning, Copenhagen, October 2007 [More Details].

Extracting Temporal Information from Short Messages
Cooper,R.L. Manson,S. British National Conference on Databases, Glasgow, July 2007, LNCS 4587 pp 224-234 LNCS, Springer [More Details].


Cooper,R.L. 7th Annual Conference for Information and Computer Sciences pp 218-224 Higher Education Academy [More Details].


A Generic Model for Integrated Multi-Channel Information Systems
Cooper,R. Wu,X.Q. Proceedings of the Ubiquitous Mobile Information and Collaboration Systems LNCS, Springer
[More Details].

Extracting Information from Short Messages
Cooper,R. Ali,S. Bi,C.L. 10th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Database Systems LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Extracting Data from Short Messages
Cooper,R.L. Natural Language Processing and Information Systems, LNCS 3513 pp 388-391 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Extracting Data from Personal Text Messages
Cooper,R.L. DCS Technical Report Series pp 1-23 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].

How a High Level Approach to Web Site Design Can Solve the Hidden Web Problem
Cooper,R. Wu,X.Q. Proceedings of British National Conference on Database Systems, Sunderland, July 2005 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Immersive Learning Environments for Teaching Software Engineering
Cooper,R. Cutts,Q. Wang,C. Proceedings of the Third Workshiop on Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Database Systems [More Details].


A Framework and Toolset for the Development of Software Teaching Tools
Cooper,R.L. Second Workshop on the Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Databases, Edinburgh, July 2004 [More Details].

Content Management for Declarative Web Site Design
Cooper,R.L. Davidson,M. DIWeb2004 Third International Workshop on Data Integration over the Web 8th June 2004, Riga, Latvia [More Details].

A Framework and Toolset for the Development of Software Teaching Tools
Cooper,R. Second Workshop on Teaching, Learning and Assessment of Databases Edinburgh July 5th 2004 [More Details].


Extracting Database Information from E-mail Messages
Cooper,R.L. Ali,S. 20th British National Conference on Databases, July 2003 pp 271-279 LNCS, Springer [More Details].

Teallach - a Flexible User-Interface Development Environment for Object Database Applications
Barclay,P. Griffiths,T. McKirdy,J. Kennedy,J. Cooper,R. Paton,N. Gray,P.D. The Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 14(1) pp 47-77 Elsevier Science [More Details].

Software Systems to Support the Teaching of the Use of Relational Database Systems
Cooper,R.L. Macrae,J. pp 19-24 [More Details].


An Architecture for Collaboratively Assembled Moderated Information Bearing Web Sites
Cooper,R.L. Proceedings of Web Based Collaboration, DEXA, 2002 pp 293-297 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].


Considering Possible Outcomes and the User's Environment in Designing User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems
Renaud,K.V. Cooper,R.L. User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems. UIDIS'01. ETH, Zurich. 31 May - 1 June 2001. IEEE [More Details].

Teallach: a model-based user interface development environment for object databases
Griffiths,T. Peter J. Barclay,P.J. Paton,N.W. McKirdy,J. Kennedy,J.B. Gray,P.D. Cooper,R.L. Goble,C.A. Pinheiro da Silva,P. Interacting With Computers, Vol 14, No 1 pp 31-68 Elsevier Science [More Details].


Application Development Using Data Modelling
Cooper,R. Fully Integrated Data Environments, (Atkinson, M.P., & Welland, R.C., Eds.) pp 553-569 Springer
[More Details].

Feedback in Human-Computer Interaction - Characteristics and Recommendations
Renaud,K.V. Cooper,R.L. South African Computing Journal. Number 26. November 2000 Computer Society of South Africa [More Details].

Conceptual Modelling for Database User Interfaces
Cooper,R.L. Mckirdy,J. Griffiths,T. Barclay,P. Paton,N. Gray,P.D. Kennedy,J. Goble,C. In Proceedings of VDB-5, Italy [More Details].

The Glasgow Persistent Libraries
Atkinson,M.P. Welland,R.C. Philbrow,P.C. Waite,C.A. Cooper,R.L. Lavery,D. Froggatt,A. Macneill,S.D. Mira Da Silva,M. Montgomery,G. Primohamed,A. Fully Integrated Data Environments pp 527-539 Springer [More Details].


The Teallach Tool: Using Models for Flexible User Interface Design
Barclay,P.J. Griffiths,T. Mckirdy,J. Paton,N.
Cooper,R.L. Kennedy,J. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces, CADUI'99 (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) [More Details].

Characterising User Interface Components for Re-Use
Cooper,R.L. Gray,P.D. Workshop on Interactive System Design and Object Models ECOOP (Lisbon) [More Details].

Teallach: A Model-Based User Interface Development Environment for Object Databases
Griffiths,T. Barclay,P. Mckirdy,J. Paton,N. Kennedy,K. Cooper,R.L. Goble,C. West,A. Smyth,M. Proceedings of User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems, UIDIS'99, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Paton, N.W., & Griffiths, T.C., Eds.) pp 86-96 IEEE Computer Society Press [More Details].

An Error Reporting and Feedback Component for Component-based Transaction Processing Systems
Renaud,K. Cooper,R.L. Proceedings of User Interfaces to Data Intensive Systems, UIDIS'99 (Edinburgh) [More Details].

Type-safe Linguistic Reflection: A generator technology
Stemple,D. Fergaras,L. Stanton,R. Sheard,T. Philbrow,P.C. Cooper,R.L. Atkinson,M.P. Morrison,R. Kirby,G. Connor,R. Alegic,S. Fully Integrated Data Environments pp 158-188 Springer [More Details].

Theoretical and computational studies of collisions of hydrogen atoms at cold temperatures.
Zygelman,B. Stancil,P.C. Jamieson,M.J. Dalgarno,A. NASA/JPL International Conference on Fundamental Physics in Space, Washington DC, U.S.A. [More Details].


Exploiting Model-Based Techniques for User Interfaces to Databases
Griffiths,T. Mckirdy,J. Forrester,G. Paton,N. Kennedy,J. Barclay,P.
Cooper,R.L. Goble,C. Gray,P. In Proceedings of VDB-4, Italy [More Details].

Computing Science Projects at the University of Glasgow
Cooper,R.L. Welland,R.C. Projects in the Curriculum, Proceedings of the Project '98 Workshop, Sheffield 1998 pp 169-183 Springer [More Details].

Application Development using Data Modelling
Cooper,R.L. Fully Integrated Data Environments pp 553-569 Springer [More Details].

A Lightweight Presentation Model for Database User Interfaces
Gray,P. Cooper,R.L. Kennedy,J. Barclay,P. Griffiths,T. The 4th ERCIM Workshop on User Interfaces for All (Stockholm) [More Details].

Object Oriented Software Development (S201)
Gray,P. Cooper,R.L. Poet,R.R. England,D. [More Details].


Object Databases: An ODMG Approach
Cooper,R.L. International Thomson Computer Press International Thomson Computer Press, London [More Details].

An Open Model Based User Interface Development System: The Teallach Approach
Griffiths,T. Mckirdy,J. Paton,N. Kennedy,J. Cooper,R.L. Barclay,P. Goble,C. Gray,P. Smyth,M. West,A. Dinn,A. In DSV-IS '97, 5th Eurographics Workshop on Design, Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems pp 32-49 [More Details].


Multichannel close coupling calculations of predissociation lifetimes of molecular ions
Annoreno,J. Stancil,P.C. Zygelman,B.
Jamieson,M.J. Clarke,N.J. Cooper,D.L. Bulletin of the American Physical Society 41 pp 1069 [More Details].