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2000 1999 1998


Designing Non-Speech Sounds to Support Navigation in Mobile Phone Menus
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Using non-speech sounds in mobile computing devices
Brewster,S.A. Leplatre,G. Crease,M.C. Dummy location data entered by Stewart 6/7/2001 Proceedings of the First Workshop on Human Computer Interaction for Mobile Devices (Glasgow, UK) pp 26-29 Dept of Computing Science, University of Glasgow [More Details].


Improving the Design of Telephone-Based Interfaces
Leplatre,G. Brewster,S.A. Volume II of the Proceedings of INTERACT'99, Edinburgh, UK pp 45-46 British Computer Society [More Details].


An investigation of music to provide navigation cues
Leplatre,G. Brewster,S.A. Proceedings of ICAD'98 (Glasgow, UK) British Computer Society [More Details].

Perspectives on the design of musical auditory interfaces
Leplatre,G. Brewster,S.A. International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems. In Focus Conference on Anticipation (Liege, Belgium) [More Details].