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Publications for 'Dr Robert Villa' ordered by Year. (6)

2009 2008 2002


SALERO Intelligent Media Annotation and Search
Weiss,W. Buerger,T. Villa,R. Punitha,P. Halb,W.
[More Details].

User Variance and its impact on Video Retrieval Benchmarking
Wilkins,P. Byrne,D. Smeaton,A. Troncy,R. Amin,A. Halvey,M. Punitha,P. Villa,R. [More Details].

Concept, Content and Convict
Tuomola,M. Korpilahti,T. Pesonen,J. Singh,A. Villa,R. Punitha,P. Yue,F. Jose,J.M. ACM MultiMedia 2009, Interactive art program and exhibition track, Beijing, China [More Details].

Statement-based Semantic Annotation in Media Productions
Weiss,W. Burger,T. Villa,R. Punitha,P. Halb,W. International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies, SAMT 2009, Graz, Austria. [More Details].


Exploiting Log Files in Video Retrieval
Hopfgartner,F. Urruty,T. Villa,R. Gildea,N. Jose,J.M. JCDL'08 - Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries [More Details].


The effectiveness of query-specific hierarchic clustering in information retrieval
Tombros,A. Villa,R. van Rijsbergen,C.J. 38(4) pp 559-582 Information Processing and Management [More Details].