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An Object-Oriented Framework for Developing Information Retrieval Applications
Jose,J.M. Hendry,D.G. Harper,D.J.

Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Appeared in: 7th International Conference on Object Oriented Information Systems (OOIS 2001),editors, Wang, Y., Patel, S. and Johnston, R. H. calgary, Canada, 27-29, August 2001
Page Numbers : 259-268
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2001
ISBN/ISSN: 1852335467

Design and development of information retrieval (IR) systems is a complex and expensive process. In the process of building an IR system, developers need to explore a large design space: on the one hand, they have to choose from a plethora of IR techniques developed due to the significant advances made in theoretical and experimental research in information retrieval; on the other hand, many of these techniques need to be tailored to the particular application in hand. Hence, an IR system implementation tool which allows exploration and composition of different IR system components is very valuable in building effective and efficient IR systems. To construct such a tool, we need to develop modular and extensible IR components such that these components can be used in a mix and match fashion. This paper describes an extensible and modular framework which can be used to construct IR applications.

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