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Modelling the Influence of RKIP on the ERK Signalling Pathway using the Stochastic Process Algebra PEPA
Calder,M. Gilmore,S. Hillston,J.

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: DCS Tech Report
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Publisher: N/A
Year: 2004

Note: This is a preliminary version of a conference paper, see the conference paper for a more detailed model.


This paper models the influence of the Raf Kinase Inhibitor Protein (RKIP) on the Extracellular signal Regulated Kinase (ERK) signalling pathway through modelling in a Markovian process algebra, PEPA. Two models of the system are presented, a reagen-centric view and a pathway-centric view. These are shown to be formally equivalent using the timing-aware bisimulation defined over PEPA models.

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