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JPie Interface: An On­-The­-Fly Job Submission And Communication Confguration Package
Yarmolenko,V. Cockshott,W.P. Borland,E. Graham,P. Mackenzie,L.

Publication Type: Tech Report (internal)
Appeared in: DCS Tech Report
Page Numbers : 5
Publisher: N/A
Year: 2004

This paper describes a new Java interface loosely modeled on the primitives of the pi-calculus to be used as a substratum for Grid based parallel computing. It allows the creation of processes and communications channels between processes. It also allows for the communications network between processes to be dynamically reconfigurable. The aim of the design is to achieve this with the minimum number of primitives and to integrate these primitives into the existing Java class framework.

Keywords: Java, Grid, Dynamic, Distributed, Process Algebra

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